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more popsicles

I love the way you love me even
after given birth I believe 8 times
how you desired me kneading
my body I love the way you love me
like when breast cancer appeared
burning my skin taking patches
from my hair there you were with

flowers carrying me from the bed
to my favorite chair oh how we beat
cancers *ss didn't we you never folded
hair grew as I gained weight from taking
so many anti depressants nearly having
a heart attack you grabbed my hands looked

me square in the face and said you could lose
this weight honey you walked with me swam
with me danced with me changing both our
eating habits growing my own food you know
I couldn't believe I went from a size 14 to a
size four even though i'd rather be a size six

at any rate I feel good again wow you sweetness
you are amazing to me even if your hair is now
bald as an eagle whiskers that irritate the dickens
out of me your cuddly belly hanging a bit over
your levi's your age completes us being almost
twenty years my senior what is age I adore you
our love is new our love is still younger than spring

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claire keaton 8 days ago
I love you tony 
more popsicles, by claire keaton 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta 7 days ago
I love 
claire keaton 7 days ago
Thank you
anonymo magnifico 8 days ago
...commendable & memorable upon release!...
claire keaton 7 days ago
Thank you
claire keaton 8 days ago
claire keaton 7 days ago
ingrid heimbach 8 days ago
wunderbar wriet
claire keaton 8 days ago
thank you
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
You're such a good writer
claire keaton 8 days ago
Thank you
Nona Vicentino 8 days ago
warmth awesome write
claire keaton 8 days ago
Thank you
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