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I am a Italian Cherokee African American poet Vicentino Mason Italy I studied Munich Salzburg Augsburg Germany Mc Graw Kaserne USAF United States Armed Forces The Department of Defense creative writing fine art poetry literature folktale classic folklore writing short stories children books I also studied theology the study of saints of the Catholic Church Christian writing lyric's hymn's for The Believer's for Jesus Academy of American Poets also Poetry Soup of Marietta Georgia New Jersey writer's poet's slam of Chicago Poetry meet ups of Baghdad Iraq 1999 I begin summiting poems on poetry.com encouraged Montel Williams poetry contest for MS. survivors inspired by little 'Mattie' Stepanek the 7 year old disabled poet fighting for his life I was given commendations awarded best poet 5 years in a row completed 4 anthologies of poems recently Ernest Hemmingway home Key West Fl. Robert Frost poetry contest ....

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i do not fear your threats intimidation or fear
defected special agent paula brand you placed
wires on my pregnant belly from september 1988
to september 1989 by family relocated to ohio

as i gave birth my daughter was born with brain trauma
from sound waves exploding her nervous system
from the frequency i know you wouldn't care
you didn't care then you certainly couldn't care today

instead seated with an arson murderer of nine why
you gather a list of violent offenders including corrupt
police officers nieces catrina bell and jameila bell
mckissick an assist them in extorting a traumatic brain

injury claim on my behalf resulting from a car bomb
that exploded in my face as you sat wearing an ear piece
feeding my husband sex in a parking lot of federal lust
to continue money laundering this 30 year ongoing police

corruption organize crime cops selling drugs a severe drug
operation embezzling racketeering investing into properties
no more Fear Envy Denial i am fed by gods table of compassion
faith and love my sight is set on truth justice human moral standards

i served what every best fits the needs and interest of the bureau
fidelity bravery integrity paula you connected wires to my umbilical
cord every night i still hear my fetus heart beating louder than thunder
beneath the starry skies of night filled with panic ptsd narcolepsy meaning
i stop breathing in my sleep i will never forget you how could you forget me
i am America

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Lucifer settled in quite nicely during the election seated among a group of well dressed crows wearing flag pendants shouting i taking responsibility for breaking wind in a crowded court room vouching for killers seeking salvation a last resort releasing violent offenders to shoot and kill decorated officers partial to the stench of corruption seeping through the marbles of masonic tears bearing the pleasures of signature loans investments in developmental properties decaying throughout the cities stream lighting the torch exposing the shorelines concealing political corporate crime

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peeking inside the windows of my head
I noticed a young mother in a distant blizzard
desperate to get a closer look I saw that she
... continued
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In loving memory of Louis King
he leaves to mourn three wives
Birdea Aikens through this union
bore 4 children
sons Vernon king of Iowa
Aaron King of Georgia
daughters Anita of Minnisota
and Deneen King of Chicago
Second wife Janee King
one daughter buttons
a third relationship ended
his death killed with his own
gun hollow points caught
with another mans wife
from that union bore another
son Tyson King Louis King
was great womanizer he shall
be missed by a host of family
and friends as his children
reject him he was a bad father
bad husband oddly as it seem
he was my favorite uncle
he taught me how to say my abc's
and thank you please fun loving man
... continued
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forgive me but I missed your sudden terror
my gifted honor student son and I visited
my daughter and her infant early morning
hours the infant in a pain induced coma
after emergency surgery to remove a very
infectious disease called mrsa seen in Canadian

prisons the child was infected during routine
immunization the wrong shot mrsa instead
of mmr my honor student in tears he wasn't
allowed in the room only one family member
at a time wearing an infectious disease gown
shoe covers mask and gloves these has to be
destroyed before leaving an entering this room
I thought they would be safe I couldn't stay I had

two other small children at home and my son
needed me to buy him an airline ticket to fly back
the next morning to southwest Florida to start his
fall classes we left the hospital mid morning with
hospice it wasn't until after midnight my daughter
calls my son and I telling us 17 kids was in her room
17 gang members intimidating her with threats of harming
me for working with the gang task force as my son aired

on cable tv say no to gangs and drugs commercial
every 30 minutes his face appeared as the face of gang
awareness the gang were not happy neither was corrupt
officers on their payroll they went after my daughter
how they got pass the guards in a quarantined floor is
beyond me unless they were paid to look away this
devastated me she said mom its 9 boys and 8 girls
I am scared I said called the desk they were released

the next day and I continued my work with gang task force
oddly the gangs began forcing my daughter to commit
crimes for them with them fearing they would kill her mother
or brother she kept quiet never exposing the leaders
Danita Delmont corrupt agent and company actually
sent the gangs to terrorize us also released violent
offenders early to send out threats intimidation and fear

in spite your corruption intimidation and fear
I still support gang awareness as I suffer from severe
wires pregnant for the fbi to save lives I except
my illnesses i'm unashamed of my disabilities
thee horrid terror of corruption working for gang
members is very horrid you crippled my family

emotionally with fear you are a toxic disease a cancer to society

we are blessed my honor student made his flight today
he's a brilliant architectural engineer designing parks
... continued
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my prayers go out to all
the elderly people who perished
suddenly in Stammbach Germany
... continued
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I'm sorry CIRO it's been 13 years since you and my imposter begin extorting my American poetry also since you exposed my being an fbi informant to your dealers and killers by God's grace i survived the murder attempts home invasions and your deadly car bomb blast your latest investing into contractors building inspectors in America and London i kinda felt your signature on that tower of ash using Peter's Gargano real estate license Pioneer realty towers of course London is wide open right now investing into contractors building inspectors you get to get paid for cleaning up your messes of mass deaths with funds from my pain and suffering how you've merged and expanding your signature arson murders of nine to full blown terrorists attacks your latest vehicle property investments huge Mack trucks used to plow into crowds for catrina bell her daughter jameila bell really they are queen pin gangster disciples drug smugglers transporting from canada to miami to Mexico hardly queens of England the things you could get into using my passport to Germany your signature attacks torching elderly helping beings alive in buildings on buses in cars ravishing near Brandenstien on the A9 Stammbach early this morning ages 41 to 81 your kind of crowd but i admire all of your signature terrorists attack investing in my death agents still scratching their heads about the outdoors sportsman hunting political leaders on a baseball field clever Illinois pay to play contractors brilliant all covered under my structure traumatic brain injury claim ford motor company settlement concealing glen johnson Braithwaite Talisa Shaw identity theft embezzling bank of America living in Virginia beach eating crawfish in the bayou with gottis enforcer i guess DC was getting too close to the russian contact's you know operation Paul Castallano 11 white Russians on the telly al capone would be so proud of you come here you like watching a great opera Cadillac theater Chicago great scores far better than Lufthansa heist no more fraudulent insurance funds available from Ford

... continued
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i would like to thank all the poets who enjoyed my patriot tribute to Francis Scott Key he wrote the star spangled banner i adore America and our American flag i think it is sad unfair for poetry.com to rate decent good poetry as abuse I've read horrid profanity even sexual disgusting poems never reviewed as abuse what happens to poems after the review finds no abuse they never post the poems again perhaps decent poetry are rated as abuse to be stolen by persons of power i advise all poets to copy your work if you don't have a computer go to your local public library and print your poetry for your own archives or anthology i believe this sight rather have trash than fine art...

The road less traveled
... continued
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If i had to choose my favorite poet i would have to describe this galant champion with great passion for unity peace justice and freedom a brilliant man hidden behind long desk hours going over law books seeing illuminating shows of light dancing across the sky out shining the stars thee amount of bloodshed across land over the sea man fighting beneath God's house many screams being heard through one voice the voice of reasoning of victory and love for our flag that star spangled banner waving silencing war comforting cries wiping tears from all of our eyes

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Copper casket hand crafted painted roses Italian gold
color lined with satin and lace four bronzed handles
constant yellow rose covers the paisley persian carpets
... continued
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