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My Paradise

the fruit i enjoy is so very passionate yes
the fruit of knowledge the warmth of the sun
that sneaks from behind the building or the
ray that only shines through the top floor
where only the top shelf is poured so sexy
and yet humble enough not to be easy or
even sleezy as the moon light dance on my
back as the soft breeze blow through the side
of this tower where my passion is ever so
guarded as my mere trust floats about this
top suite where the top hats are stored away
for the winter soft wild animals on my coats
are groomed to perfection as i carry my own
cherries to the foot of my bed as mr right is
always right on time on the top floor of my
mere mind never touched or even hindered
as the quaility of my existance comes into
view as the waves cover my resting place as i
lay my head down in this most tranquil place
while paradise tucked away on the top floor

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she knows 5 months ago
My Paradise, by she knows 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Shobha Raman 5 months ago
Good review my poem how I changed
she knows 5 months ago
Thank you
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Peacefully beautiful!
she knows 5 months ago
Thank you
she knows 5 months ago
Sonja Sloan 5 months ago
Saucy temptation! You go! 
Iolanda Mason Italy 5 months ago
Thank you
Hassen Gara 5 months ago
Please review my Haiku http://poetry.com/poems/1756789-CREATIVITY.Thanks
Iolanda Mason Italy 5 months ago
Thank you
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