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Intimacy is not purely physical

Oh, how I have longed to push your thoughts up against the wall, 
gently tug on your ambitions, 
and sensually whisper into your soul all my deepest and darkest…
I want to intimately reach our intellectual climax as I 
sensually get to know everything about you from the neck, 
I want to carefully take the time to remove all your physical layers, to finally find 
the fibers by which your mind speaks. 
I want to feel the gentle thuds of your internal rhythms
as we lay intellectually and emotionally naked...
Out of breath.
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Joyce Anthappen More than 1 year ago
Matt Kaiser More than 1 year ago
I found this writing to be thought provoking and refreshing. Good job. Keep it up!
Rogene Carter More than 1 year ago
Katherine Hoard More than 1 year ago
I loved this poem it was very insightful and beautiful~ Nicely done
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