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About Me and My Poetry

I am inspired to write by a variety of things: I might be experiencing a particular emotion so I write about that; it could be the action of an animal I observe; I write about that or whenever I'm reading, I might be influenced to write about something that touches my heart. I like nature poems and have written a few and I also write narrative/story poems. Overall though, I write because I love the literary world; I love Literature. I read Emily Dickenson, James Balwin, Robert Frost among many others. Being a part of this community pushes me to improve and continue to write.

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Birds were chirping
their merry tunes this morning.

... continued
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Muscles strain
lifting life's dumb-bells
again and again;
... continued
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Cast away on water,
Soaked and soggy,
It sinks to supply need
Only to resurface later 
By sovereign summons
To reward the caster.
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Every evening, at dusk, she stands at her door
Hoping to catch a glimpse of her only son
Walking briskly across a stretch of the moor,
... continued
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I held it to my chest - 

This burnt treasure 
Of four generations once
Framed in black and white.

My smoke filled eyes
Joyfully wept at singed
Corners of that precious
Piece of paper rescued

From shattered glass
And incinerated possessions.

Everything else was lost

Yet, with this photograph,
Stories of past generations
Will be filtered to the ears 
Of the unborn.

Present will meet the past
And strong ancestral cords
Will wrap each one moving
Into the future.
VCHL 17/9/2014
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Although we walk hand in hand 
and our shadows intertwine

... continued
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Fierce summer day, put off your yellow dress!
Wrap yourself in sunset's hue on the bay.
When through the fields the rustling wind must press,
... continued
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Adrenaline Rush,
Passion, speed;
In need of a high
in glittering lights.

No Red, go Green!
Fast and furious
until earth covers 
the living dream.

We descend where trophies
lay gleaming but unclaimed.

No moment taken to breathe
so swiftly life's blood drains
and becomes one with the dust.
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Under the glistening moon
Silver slivers slice through the air
Needling, stinging, tickling our skin.
... continued
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Life fires  a barrage of missiles
in Mother's direction;
but still she smiles.

She counteracts every attack
with shields of resilience
and abiding faith.

Hope's artillery increases 
in her camp as she stands
to face the enemy head on.

She's a lioness
that helps to keep me strong.
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