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About Me and My Poetry

Hashan Mannan, a legendary poet, born on March 1950, in an aristocratic Muslim Family (Molla) at Chandragonj, Lakshmipur, Bangladesh. Father of two cute daughters, and husband of a fair lady, who is her comparison; none I could see her parallel. She is my 'Bonolatta Shen' or the 'Queen' of my self portrait 'Empire'. I am proud of my family, proud of my birth. 'Allah'(God) bless us all along, and forgive my arrogance, if any; Ameen.

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About My Poem

Dream in alternate
known as hope; provide fuel
to achieve the goal.
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A real man is
he, who overcome from all
illusion, and greed.
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The man, who breaks my
dream; I cried a lot, but tried
to make him, my kin.

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Fool laughs three times; once
knowing nothing, once knowing
something, once with all.
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People worldwide starves
huge; whereas some imprudent,
makes random misuse!
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Nik,(my daughter) take a peek, your
Dad so cute; fanfare in one
hand, other a flute.
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World to conquer, made
a hard tug; rebound on back,
daydream my abrupt.
... continued
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The world, a big zoo,
man is the super creature;
chasing allover!
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Our independence, is not supernatural goods or treasure;
Nor an overnight gain or attainment, whatsoever.
It's a result, thousands of sacrifice, and bloodshed;
And 25 years of constant struggle, and resistant.
It cost, a huge bloods of my father, and brothers;
And countless tears, and prestige of my mother, and sisters.
The enmity, or hostility, had start up, at first;
When Jinna, so called father of nation in pride - out burst;
Declared 'Urdu, and Urdu alone, now and on;
Shall be the national language of Pakistan'.
Protest, and unrest, had started, through out the East;
Barket, Salam, Jabbar, Rafiq, ungrudging to give blood in the street.
'52 to '71, a history of long struggle, and comprehensive movement;
Different times, different parties and leaders, contribute a lot.
Among the lots, as a party - Awoami League,;
And as the leader, Bongga Bondhu Sheikh Mujib.
Now it has been observed with sorrow, and grief;
A few has started to deny, and disparage, Sheikh Mujib!
It's their narrowness, and jealousy the most;
Ultimately, they throw themselves to the carrion - depot.
Sheikh Mujib, son of the Bengal, best of the best, in all times.
None should be compared with Sheikh, no more bias, please.
Bangladesh, and Bangalee, so long been alive;
The heart of Bangalee shall ramble - Sheikh Mujib, Sheikh Mujib!
Paki, India, Kissinger, and most of the leaders of the world;
Everybody recognized Sheikh Mujib, as the mastermind.
Now somebody, awaking from deep sleep;
If asking in an amazement and surprise - who is Sheikh Mujib?
What shall be the answer, right and absolute;
Readers, please make an answer accurate, for the idiot.
Sheikh has had a voice, turbulent as thunder bolt;
Lakhs of masses, make rushes, an order to carry out!

... continued
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It's stupidity
to consider the world as
like as a pitcher.
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