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About Me and My Poetry

Born in rural area of south east country Bhutan, and in exile in Nepal for a score and five,completed Masters Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2062 (BS) from Tribhuvan University kathmandu,Nepal.Taught in college in Global Academy, in Damak Jhapa Nepal for 10 years.Apart from drama(plays),novels, essays, critical and creative writings love poetry.Now resides in USA due to resettle program,works as a costodian job to fend self and family.Write daily sth. creative.Likes to read political affairs of the world, want to make self immortal through arts.

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Just a boy seven I saw
Crying vigorously for beloved
Separated for a month ago
... continued
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I want to write in simplicity
To make the entire world into one
To make them less complexity
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Just I want to say something
Befoere I say good bye
On this Cosy chair of feather.
... continued
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Today 18th July is an auspicious day
Because of his grand birthday,
Among three of my previous kids:
Rebecca and Rohuns,he's the youngest
But they vary in age with different stages
Twenty three,fourteen and only three
That never in my life makes free.

I don't ken whether I could see you
When you reached of your age
Because I'm already thirty and a score
Yet as a dad,I always bless you for ye fortune
That God may be with you like Abraham.
I know days are hard ahead where throny
That hinders hard to earn money
Just I'm worried to end your journey.

I ken now you are innocent
Your instinct just utters mom and dad
But Times makes you grow and thoughtful
The day that you'll begin to say,
'Ah!i wish my pappy would be near
So that I can take him to care,
Now I know how much pain ye bore
And rose up or brought me up
Toiling hard for low payment job.
You are my Alfa and omega
Your are my super man or over man
I ken thou art did masters degree
Yet this foreign strand gave nothing
You remained like a diaspora
Fending your children emptied you'.


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I wonder why man is so selfish,
Even in the time of truely need .
I know he too is fed of prior
... continued
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I know how you grow up
Now you are so delicate
Thinking can never static
... continued
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Where am I ?i don't know.
Yesterday I was a refugee
Settled in camps of Nepal
... continued
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Everything is unstatic
Nothing is in rest.
We believe motion of
... continued
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How can ye view life?
It depends on how we drive.
A poor one sees rich,they're in peace
... continued
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Aeschylus'trilogy 'Agamemnon' has much to do
From the point of politics to the fate of mankind

... continued
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