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I am sure for anyone to either be really or pretend to be so disoriented, the reason for it stems from the self-imposed trauma caused by sinning; I am sure in order to justify your crimes, you'd want to justify your deeds by finding faults on others and blaming the others; but the thing is whatever true sin you created such as a verichip in my head several times, and many other sins, this is your crime and your sin, unapologized and unpaid for as you unrepented, that sin is solely yours and your own to bear whether I sinned against you or not, deciding that you needed to take a bad action against me was your decision, so no matter how heavy your sin bears on your consciousness, bear it. You've never apologized nor have you tried to set me free, so live with it, die with it and carry it through Death Valley after this life for all the other forms of lives to come.
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these allies of men are what I worked hard for
My weapon
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In a world where cold hearted reptilians start feeling shuddering of hearts and changing of their hot bloodedness and starting to feel pumping of the hearts; in a world where boys are dressed girls parading like princesses
It is a rare catch of the eye to come across who knows the estoric spiritual secrets of the universe
And it is a wonderful world because she exists in slightly inferior look or race or gender
It's an honor because she understands our agony
What she does is - she feeds back the opinion of having patitipated in this ecosystem - it's a feedback of her opinions that count
She maybe a beast but it's an honor of all people she's the beast
Because we fInally have hopes- there may be something more compassionate and understanding than blood drinking insanity
So the focus is the inspiration she is to inspire "let it be~ whisper words of wisdom let it be~"
Not the focus of your cloning of the singer
In a world that abusive, my existence
Like a beacon in darkness

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You knowing your place
Yes stars are blind but she's my generation
But you are ten year younger
If anybody in public acts racist
I will brutally get rid of it
I cannot be in control of each and everyone in uniform - very low under God under devil vacuumed under within the ecosystem
I am the centerpiece and protagonist
When your hormone is high like until 85 you won't get it
When you reach a certain age it will dawn on you
Maybe this life is very temporary and I lived my life licking the surface of water melon
I will not endure any racism on tv
I will consider it as an exit request by lucifer
Just thinking
In an abandoned ecosystem domed like this
It is a rare catch of the eye to come across a sentient being like I myself
He would regret his heart out
Then watch your people and keep their mouths shut

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Your aboriginal friend writes for you
But watch your mouth I also have a temper
And I also do get rid of people I don't like- oh yes sincerely yes
In the name of father son Holy Ghost

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Beautiful prostitute - what's the definition of prostitite- uhm I guess dating for money or stng, I don't know- definitely Leo spends a lot of money - yeah and like become outcasted or stng
Ur brother who married an ordinary beautiful blond who used to hang out with the loser you doesn't hang out with you, does he?
In our lifetime; we could see your family teaching us humanity a lesson of how human fortune and power don't last forever; especially the facebook, I'd like to see that but yeah but anyways at lease those are quiet;
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Hey where is ur second hand cousin
I can't wait to see him marrying this beautiful prostitute who sold her body to tranny greatest actor Leo dicarprio - I think I saw this guy in the middle of my nation with this what's this English actor name - this guy is paid by a lot of billionaires to go to like soccer games world cup and stuff. Anyways I can't wait to see you marrying her on like enews whatever
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This handkerchief I asked last September it's been almost a year- do you live in 19th century with horses and carriages and letters and post offices - man
I change my mind like flipping of hands up and down - seven times a day, man
Too late, man
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I loved you like last September which lasted about a few months
But this April I thought about and over this matter very hard and I reached a conclusion that I love him
It ain't gonna be you;
Don't disturb my mind

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The end
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