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I'd have to see if I can change myself better or not.
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I try not to use t which I don't use it
I really don't
But the snake always talks to the same woman.
You know
Though her foot over the head of the serpent
It's a very virtuous cycle for her
You won't get it

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I don't know anything
I don't work in Area 51
I am not a CIA
Well if I worked there I'd work extraordinary well
Firstly I love work; what would I do with my free time? Watch summer league NBA ? Ah.
Secondly I am good and great at my work
All the mess, I can organize and structuraize
Thirdly I think it would synergies my overall industry and like consulting experience
Fourthly I think it would synergize the fact that I know some rich people
Only if I could see insides, unlike those that reached the top management at 27 cuz they own the biz, I know the researching and such internship to managerial level work so
I think I'd be able to literally think inside and outside the box of such a thing called reality and besides I'd be able to report directly to those that are on top but not working but very favorable towards me such as you and you and you etc
So, if you ever wanna offer me a job at Google, I'd know it's a pathway to meet you all. I look forward to a miracle in September. Sure I wanna upgrade my surfacial life and cement the greatness of who I am on the surface so it makes sense for some that don't get it

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Their wives with some thirteen year younger women
Agonize themselves writing strange poems and making some transvestigaion videos huh
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There can be spaceships looking like - appear and then disappear - gravity antigravity UFOs but the stuff you guys sell- guys you didn't think about this- are obviously looking like rockets; rockets cannot get out and it is "global warming" because it is a dome ain't it? Then it comes down to, hey not only imagine dragons and maroon 5 and will smith were singing at me; oh yeah yeah got it; "this world is so wonderful because lady Gaga is in it" - or you can say I live for myself; not under the influence of any spiritual whatever back up ; cute. Sure. But I think you guys are all acting uniform; under what? Whomever rules the world under some oracle, babes. So who gives the oracle? There can be only three; God and such - yeah such as Horos whose d*ck is erected in monument in Washington DC, he's either in the dome as a human or outside the dome, watching isn't it? Easy, Buddha and such who cracked the code and has psychic powers or whomever created the dome and programmed the AI to plan out the dome as it is programmed to. Yeah?
So it all comes back to- what was it??
I forgot. As I said before "the higher you are the clearer you can see and can never speak up because I am speaking the truth"
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The kind of weird poems you write which even I don't read; eh..
Why are you upset? Because the right wing in your nation was anti-Semitic, to be aside from you, I've never seen a normal Jew; don't they act kind of peculiar? I think the most peculiar ones are the richest billionaires they really seem to drink human blood; even Elon musk skin seems to wear off and their skins start showing patches of bloody red scars on their faces - sort of like Draculas. Weird people.
Think about it. They are not at all truly ambitious.
You know. They are very complacent in the dome / if it is a dome, there cannot be a spaceship, so who are they sucking up to? Because they sold their souls to and transgendered to commit them selves below it; they can never rise above on par level of whomever they serve; which makes it easier in a world of poof, "uniform" behavior top to bottom; for us to say, "oh you don't want us, Joseph and Mary are uhm leaving, goodbye guys, any time ~ ain't it?" Hah?

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It seems like there is just the two of us
But like Andre once like pretended like
There would be older guys 'cause you are younger
Clearly you weren't interested in marrying
So I kind of drifted but as andre's usual plan, it had a twist. I wonder what it is for?
I think solely for the purpose of thinking positively,
Andre wanted us to be understood or stng;
He's a poor man - poor in the spirit- we all are.
We are nobody but ignorant sentient beings- we could still remember our spiritual positioning but still we are collectively ignorant;
Considering how we are the centerpiece of this dome, it would all work out favorably towards us but it's a bit humiliating from general ordinary perspective which is not even a big deal but..
So Andre is pretty thoughtless ; I'd be much better on top, it would be beneficial for all; though I would rather be quiet until I am ready to speak out which would be around 15 years later;
For yourself, you need a companion and so do I
We seem like a perfect combination ;

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A nautural process of our overall spiritual progress and paying the debts of words you've given- you promised.
Anyways I think I made my pacts with whomever were abandoned species because one of them betrayed me hugely.
Now I am willing to look into the past but they don't give me an access yet.
I am not so sure if I am the most beautiful woman but if you could see it this way- in garden of eden; there was no other woman but one, there was no other man but one. If you could be fully satisfied with what you have, you won't complain.
And about spiritual values of who I am is not a joke. I am 100,000% serious.
Anyways, I gonna go,
You take your time

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There was like a world before this temporary less than 7000 year old - according to Hebrew calendar- there was a queen (oh, hi~ me.)
And what happened was - there was sorts of like pacts- like covenants - we proudly displayed an original weapon as omnec onec may call it "original sound" ohm~ anyways one of the species betrayed us and maybe it was plaeiadeans and they divided human brain into two And etc but they stole only half of the weapon and couldn't find the rest and 'as far as I can imagine' I hid the half of it. Oh yes, sirs. Haha.
It is like in subconscious level of different dimension so nobody can access it except me and then I deliberately erased the entire memory and made pacts with all different species that included reptilians which is why - the deeper you dig, at a level of all psychic minded Buddha level- the more amazed you'd be- thus it's a very deep story, you just don't understand it,
As I said I am like a diamond in the mud, you just don't get it. All the highest spiritual levels will know it. Yes I ain't kidding. You go and ask whomever is at the very top

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Why should I bother ?
When whomever you sold your soul to already knows it.

Oh definitely fully.
If Yahweh wants to say something he will call me
If Joseph makes uo his mind, he will let me know

I got nothing more to say, like literally.
There will continue to be posterity if billions of souls and angels and demons and hierarchical breaths of life; how do I teach them? Why bother?

What else you were fearing?
Oh they wanna see my reaction - 'cause I am such a cute little monster inc inspired tiny little girl in the movie kind of cute little thing- don't bother.
They are just bored -

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