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Bro did you receive my bill for the ring I requested
Where is my ring ?
I thought it'd be like amazon eBay
Ask then receive
Where is my reason for living
Where is God's gift

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What if in near future
I become so successful and rich
And some random readers on poetry.com would be like
Oh I know her. Inside out..
Much appreciate your silence

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Dear Buddha
I'd be extremely happy if you love me too
Please reply.

Dear Yahweh
I'd be extremely joyous if you love me too
Please reply.

Dear Jesus
If you can hear me please let me decide which one is better
And don't humiliate me because as you know I am short and fat
You might as well marry me yourself
Let me know if you love me too
I'd be really happy and joyous

Dear kristigarbha
Have you received my prayer email postcard
I much appreciate your changing of my paradigm of lifestyle
You are the love of my life.

Dear ..

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Too late, man
Not so sure if archangels listen to heavy metal
And sing - I gotta get out of here I've fallen~
Not so sure if buddhas sing - smells like teen spirit
But if the world is that rot
And your whole lives are deception
I am the greatest thing ever
This compassionate Buddhist perspective all-encompassing meshed with the nego skills with Yahweh
But if he says oh I quit knowing you
What can we do about this
We've come too far
Yo didn't know Mary would say this
I am like a seed of tree overshadowing the hot trashy hopeless society
In shades of hope and just sole greatness
I am tired self-praising
Tell me otherwise
What else should I write

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You don't get it
I am like the greatest
Sentient being
I am not so sure
I should ask a Buddha
If one comes to this lowly hums district
But among the abandoned reptilians and
The kicked out Adam and Eve and like
The crazy lunaticos
And like Horos and everything outside the district
I am like I know all the secrets - ehm it's all forgotten but I am sure it is inside my cloud computing of brain somewhere
So like I am like one and only
Not so sure why I am in this ecosystem in the first place
That's why we need to figure out
And naturally what I'd be able to figure out
You guys can't
Because it's first hand experience
The original participatory stuff

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I assume it'd be more like this - if you guys like concrete writing that much,
Whether we are living in a temporary "interstellar" planet or not,
There is an answer unanswerable.
Such as the planet is round and stuff
How high the lie goes we don't know
Maybe up to lucifer
There is a beginning untraceable
Such as you serpents cursed to earth
They may have an entire heavenlike Area 51 underground world
Either way, you don't know your ancestors
It comes down to the questions of
Is there Yahweh is war over is there a beginning is there a purpose to it all
Where did we come from and what are we etc
And most of all is there salvation
Then inevitably reptilians with sane compassionate mind would look up to heads that reach the fruit of enlightenment
And eight buddhas come along they go away
Outside the district and the dimension
Then anyways it is a question of
Is there anything among us answerable to all of this
There must be something
And stuff

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Where is God
Does he care
Is Yahweh among us
What's his relationship to Mary
And Jesus and Joseph
It is important because that's where it all begins
The reborn process means nothing without tracing back their purposes
What kind of sentient beings are coincidentally born

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A son of Mary
Mitochondria says so
And so we need to find out
Not the lineage, souls either dissipated or reborn somewhere else unless in nirvana
Then, what happened?
Where are we going to is the question
First hand experiences are important
They don't need to be in 3000 years ago
2017 years ago Jewish body
They are among us
Me~ hand up

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According to Jewish tradition,
If a mother is a Jew then children are inheritently Jew
If only the father is a Jew then children need to pass tests exams

Scientists found out there is mitochondria that is inherited through maternal side only
What's the relationship between Jesus and Mary
If the son is ready then Mary is also ready
Then we'd find out what happened before
The flooding and what's in this district
What the district is all about
Where is the firmament
The ocean etc
If not now then
I ain't coming back to this sh*tty district
Before I ditch your dwellings

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Sometimes I want to sit here
Stare at the scene
Outside the window in ray
Light penetrates
Into all forms of life
Sunshine melts across
Day passes before my eyes
Here I sit with legs crossed
Enjoying the day off resting

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