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what I represent is very simple.
First, collapse of atlantis and the queen that was imprisoned
and the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, hidden.
... continued
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I think we can be anything and every thing we put our minds on,
But I think that the vision depends on the person's taste-level
And also, the fundamental characteristics of a soul never really changes,
with an intention,it can but, having an intention itself is a taste-level
i don't know if taste-level is the right word but
each and every soul would inevitably gravitate towards what it is most attracted to
And when given similar experiences, each and every explorer would react differently
because souls participating are all different -
Therefore, it's ultimately unpredictable and undeniable and un-controllable
the mind and soul cannot be controlled
A person with a mind trying to manipulate the others' reality or their rights to pursue dreams or visions
is in a way stepping into a realm of manipulation and self-realizing a devil
One can only hone what's inside his or her own mind and soul
and by doing so, one can reach the peak of all-encompassing truth - provided that it has a compassionate intention in the process of pursuing the psychic powers
Otherwise, it's all powers with hollow emptiness and impermanence.

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Je me suis rendu compte que je suis un cœur conservateur, sérieux et pur
J'ai honnêtement un esprit très propre et presque aucun désir mondain.
Je suis donc un peu ennuyeux.
Il serait très difficile d'induire des sentiments inexistants pour une personne qui aime les valeurs externes.
Et puis je vous ai regardé, et j'ai compris.
Je n'ai plus besoin d'écouter la luxure du diable.
Dieu nous a approuvés.
Cependant, je suis très calme et sérieuse,
Je ne suis pas trop joyeux ou pétillant
D'accord, j'ai finalement compris qu'il était important de se concentrer sur une fréquence lumineuse ou positive - alors je le fais.

I realized that I am a conservative, serious and pure heart
I honestly have a very clean mind and almost no mundane desire.
So I'm a little boring.
It would be very difficult to induce non-existent feelings for a person who loves external values.
And then I looked at you, and I understood.
I no longer need to listen to the devil's lust.
God has approved us.
However, I am very calm and serious,
I'm not too cheerful or bubbly - (i will practice to be better)
Okay, I finally figured out it was important to focus on a bright or positive frequency - so I do.

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i believe you love me
I believe in what's written on the stars
Life may be ordinary, but my mind is extraordinary
... continued
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no problem, I will be happy
i will be the king.
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Je suis aussi un enfant. Je ne connais rien des dates ni de quoi que ce soit. Je n'ai que trois ans de plus que vous.
Tout ce que je veux, c'est avoir un petit ami et avoir des dates et être engagé.
Et la pensée est venue à moi, même s'il y avait 100 hommes, personne ne me veut.
Même s'il y avait 100 femmes, personne ne va me remplacer pour vous.
Donc, c'est une lettre MILD mais je veux nous amener à l'étape suivante
Et devenez votre meilleur ami et devenez fiancé.

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i am such a powerful somebody hidden as some nobody among everybody else
if everyone i knew went to hell after death for all their sins
I'd know many hells of people - men and women
if everyone i knew went to heaven after done here for all their good deeds
I'd probably walk on the golden clouds of love, being sung for love and faith
men and women
therefore, what seems un-abnormal, to say the least
or un-phenomenal is in fact, our every day next door weird phenomenon

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Obviously if N.Korea collapsed today, No nation around it would be prepared for refugees. Would it be like Syrians coming into Turkey? I don't know. I haven't been to Turkey (I wanna try).

A few years ago, an intelligent journalist argued that N.Korea should become integrated to China as it is both Communist and in that way, basically it would absorb advanced tech and capitalist thinking faster. (Though, China is still a Communist, it's capitalist - individual possession exists). But this argument overlooks the fact that S.Koreans and N.Koreans speak the same language - Chinese and Korean are different language. (Korean is more closer to alphabet, sort of like 3-d alphabet. And koreans always dreamed of independence throughout their geographically difficult position. - if it was an island, it would go and explore, but it was a peninsula, and it could easily be invaded etc)
... continued
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if it was - the world was not a planet, but a camping ground, do you know what i mean?
The giants, were like, alright okay, we are moving out, going to the south,
... continued
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i think there's definitely a creator or creator group and watcher group or control-tower group
it's a eerie system if 'spiritual system' also weighs our life's entire journey and what we did right and what did wrong and we get judged and our souls go different ways.
it's an eerie and weird situation if the world, a dome, a flat earth or vast universe, - piece of chunked and domed
if this world is randomly created and unwatched while you land fake moon landing
and songs are singing at me -
it's a misinterpretation of my level, i think
i think there was a pact among species, and some of it diluted but the ruler exist
no no beyond the political manipulation
(it is curious who shakes my nation, because he misinterprets my existence whomever he is.)
my existence is good for every species living on earth

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