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i don't like the way you write.
if i were god, or yahweh, i'd feel - what's this person's pretentious make-up all over his mind in front of me?
Does he have such a stinky *ss that he has to perfume on whenever he prays to me?
I don't know what yahweh likes and i am sure there are many spectrums of ways of living
But i don't like Fake un-heart-felt, fake un-deep thinking written and presented as if it is such a good piece of writing.
I think writing is a reflection of thinking process and just writing with flowers of this fancy word and that fancy word is meaningless. It's like a model without a brain. it's like a car without an engine. it's like a human without a heart.
It's not about overflowing of emotions. it's about how truthful you live your life.
your writing in entirety is fake. - i don't know if you are will miller and married and you have to do everything you can to prove to Chip Wilson - i did something wrong but she was crazy or, - i don't know if you are american, who needs to prove, something else but your writing is just not very contemporary.

fakeness and differences must be somewhat tolerated but you just lack - you may be fitting in human life completely but your soul is just not like representable to God,
you know - it's two-face. it's just - what you say and what you do behind is different.
do you know why you could be antichrist?

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