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About Me and My Poetry

Im a 24 year mother of 2 beautiful girls and my poems are based on my past , relationships and love and so on and i think the best way to share it is b poems i love writing poems but for a while there i stopped writing them and became really depressed because my mother passed away in 2006 and I wrote a poem for her the day of her service but afer that i didnt have any words to write .but now im not in a deep dark sad place i still miss her and love her very much but i cant live life sad depressed all the time because I have 2 girls and they need their mother.My poems are based on my emotions feelings and stuff i went through and writing them into poems is the best of all . Also some of my poems are fiction i will write it and let you know what ones are and what ones aren't

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Heart feels empty
dark and cold
nothing makes me feel pretty inside
... continued
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Help me understand.
Tell me what I should do.
I'm clueless on what I shall do.
... continued
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life may take you,
in different directions
sometimes life gives you unexpected sharp turns
... continued
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You heart beating strong,
your words feeling so right.
Always correcting me when I am wrong
Nothing could be better then the love you show to us.
Something is in the air
That tells me that you are the one,
the one that will always be there and care.
Something in the air that tells me you will always be in our hearts
Breathing nothing but fresh air
Sparks flying through your eyes like it was the first time 
Warmth pushing through your blood and veins
... continued
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Picking up the pieces,
playing it smart,
not ever going to let someone treat me like I am a fool,
since the day I meant you i felt nothing will break us apart,
you made me stronger,
you have made me feel like I can trust again.
With you in my heart,
nothing will shred us apart.
With You being as honest as you are,
makes me feel so much happier than I ever had before.
The day we got together,
you have made us feel safe and comfortable from the start.
I will always keep you in our hearts.
... continued
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I Take things too seriously
Always afraid to really see
That you are there for me
Afraid to open my eyes because it all feels like a dream
That someone is there and wants to be with me
Its sad to say that never felt so great before
But I am happy to say that I want you in our lifes
You put smiles on our faces 
Warmness in our hearts
Laughters coming out of our mouths like never before
I guess I got to stop being afraid
And stand up tall and strong
And give it my best
... continued
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Or all above 
Shouldn't matter what you are 
All that should matter is whom you really are 
Angry or mad 
We are all human 
We are have the same emotions 
We just show them in different ways 
Is what we all should be 
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Words unspoken 
Feelings have been said 
Everything changes 
Nothing remains 
People change and grow 
Love forever unfolds 
Little lifes remain ahead 
With love pouring out and about 
Words unspoken 
Hiding out in the rain 
Feelings not shown ahead 
Life remains in your hands 
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Wipe the tears 
From your eyes 
Erase all the pain 
Your heart has ache 
Forget the past 
Live life in the present 
Predict goals for the future 
Live life without regrets 
Stop caring for the ones that don't care about you 
Stop living the life others want you to live 
You are you 
So live your life that is best for you 
Not what others thing is right for you 
They have lived their life. 
Now its time to live yours 
Stop being scared and move on 
The worst that could happen is 
that it didn't work out 
Stop running away and become stronger and wiser 
because nothing is more important  
Than your children and you
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Making changes
Stop living in my past
Moving forward is the best thing for me to do
With my daughters
No more chances will I give
No more of being bossed around
I'm moving on
Not looking back
Holding my words 
Not backing down
Making changes for my kids and I
That's the best thing that comes to my mind
I'm not changing who I am for nobody
... continued
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