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About Me and My Poetry

Like you, I love poetry. May we always be given the opportunity to share our poems and to enjoy our literary work with each other. Love to you all. God bless. Ester Grace.

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A week revered in penitence and pray'r
A hallowed time for thoughts spiritual
To contemplate on Jesus' love and care
For Christians and devotees, one and all.

To shun the daily monotone of old
And veer one's ken into religiousness
To rest the ailing mind and heart and soul
And breathe again the air of blessedness.

A time to seek redress for grievances
Uplift the soul into divinity
Eliminate all doubts and hindrances
Forsooth review our stark mortality.

The Holy Week to us returns each year
A glorious time to gladden spirits dear.


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So once upon a garden bathed with rain
A pretty bird flew up into a tree
And happily it sang its joys and pain
... continued
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We rejoice in gladness
as we turn the hands of Time...
and welcome the New Year
... continued
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A shining star but distant from the earth
With radiant glow distinctly luminous
A twinkle and a speck, creating mirth
... continued
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O Storm! Do we detest thee for thy wrong
Thou carry onslaught unpredictable
What madness thy disruptive winds so strong
... continued
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Amidst the frayed and yellowed pages old
Viewed letters from acquaintances and friends
Find me a distinct, special note of gold
... continued
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A cloak magnificent to feel and see
Its purple hue of promised strength and health
Mystic material formed and born to be
The ultimate veil of a living wealth.

A suit of perfect fit and splendid form
Enhances body lines and fluid grace
It molds physique unto the greatest norm
An armor magical 'midst time and space.

The cold October winds this surprise brought
Such garments extraordinary wear
This gusty find, reality has caught
A dream come true, and more, an answer'd pray'r.

The winds of change have brought in something new
Partake of novel things to live life through.


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The breeze that whispers softly to the trees
It tickles talking leaves and branches bowed
That cradle sparrows nestled in fine peace
Beneath an endless blue, nary a cloud.

The birdies hop, convene on window sill
Soar free and romp with joy to my delight
The disappearing crumbs pecked to their fill
Till shadows chase their wings into the night.

Time frowns when cloudburst's pride swells to the brim
Thus inundating earth till choked the grass
Dread flow created, sinister and grim
Brown feathers fall, impossible to pass.

Ask where have all my wondrous sparrows gone
I wait, as Nature beckons to the sun.


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Though blooming petals make a silky feel
And scarlet hue bestows extreme delight
A lovely rose with thorny stem is real
Forbids a clasp, deters to hold it tight.

The slippery eel darts through aquatic weeds
Eludes the grasp of able fishermen
Escapes the latticework of nets with speed
Amazes eye and mind beyond one's ken.

Impressive beauty with a dazzling look
Vamp, lustrous lashes, radiant, sparkling eyes
But lo! The sharp-tongued, it had well forsook
Repulsive and abhorred, a mere disguise.

The inner self shows one's true character
Beguiling looks do fool minds altogether.

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An alien entity from distant star
On trav'lling light-years searched for planet Mars
Felt cold at desolate spot from afar
This planet red, life unsustained, heat scarce.

Its gleaming, silver spacecraft swung around
Through inky void along a second orbit
Awestruck at glowing, pinkish orb it found
A Venus beauty, but for life, unfit!

In disappointment's gloom, a ray of hope
Discovered Earth, a new world bathed in green
Abundant in existence, stellar scope
Extra-terrestrial's sanctuary dream.

Few miles above Earth's surface, alien stays
Alas! Nuke bomb blasts ship back into space.


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