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About Me and My Poetry

Like you, I love poetry. May we always be given the opportunity to share our poems and to enjoy our literary work with each other. Love to you all. God bless. Ester Grace.

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Beyond the woods mysterious I must find
Though dark and treacherous the stony path
The sun has gone to slumber deep, be kind
My angels, guide my way with the lights it hath.

In earnest search for crystal rare and deep
My soul takes roads that twist and turn about
The labyrinthine channels mock my feet
Now heavy, sinking, sad and full of doubt.

Present yourself, elusive, priceless crystal!
That all those in despair view paradise
Coveted stone its powers magical
Make suff'ring disappear into the skies.

Is there such stone ingrained in mystery
That makes me dream and long for endlessly?


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Balloons for child's soirees now visible
With loops of silver strings to tie them down
In colorful array, inflated full
Their plump and jovial shapes so light and round.

Each child recalled, their beaming faces seen
With eagerness their small hands clasp the strings
Their eyes with sparkling mirth, their spirits keen
Possessing prized balloon, their gladness sings.

To feel a child's joy is a joy itself
The bubbling laughter, cries excited heard
In child's small world, like heaven it is felt
Great awe is mirrored in unspoken word.

Child's innocence a wondrous, heartfelt virtue
Child's happiness a cherished gift so true.


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The toad that croaks and sits on pond leaf dry
Eyes shut but senses sharp, instincts aware
Perceives its winged prey that hovers high
... continued
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A war predicted not too long ago
Sans bayonets and arsenal of old
A conflict rising from the grave of shadow
Assailants mindless, merciless and bold.

The weaponry concealed, reveals itself
As time is swift, attack is fatal, sudden
The hand of treachery and certain death
Now grips the powerless and terror-stricken.

A fiery flash illuminates the night
With simultaneous thunderous uproar
Incessant, staccatoed raging fight
Leaves naught save heroism’s heightened score.

Protect besieged warland, great sacrifice
Salute defenders brave, who paid the price.


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A chirp. A crispy chirping sound in ear
Intermittent, persisting, drawing near
It stops, then starts, and then begins to clear
This drilling noise, acoustic plague, I fear.

But even though the ear is closed, morose
The buzzing that the silence will oppose
Insisting and incessant as it goes
It perseveres to end that no one knows.

Degenerate a racket, one of aging
Or one genetic character bestowing
Dare not escape inevitable slowing
As noise crescendos till it's deafening.

This so-called tinnitus heard night and day
An interference seen in clouds of grey.


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Life is a journey through the wind and rain
A ride through sunny days and winter chills
A frolic over balmy seas and plain
An escapade through dreamy vales and hills.

Wherefore is life amidst the dread and dark
When tempest-tossed sail sinks off river bend
A journey aimless, spent to miss a mark
Despair and agony creating dismal end?

Yes, man is but a traveller, unbound
Who seeks the stars and gazes through the night
Searching for destiny, let truth be found
Despite path thorny, walk tall towards the Light.

Take part in journey that has now begun
Pursue a well-lived life until it's done.


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A week revered in penitence and pray'r
A hallowed time for thoughts spiritual
To contemplate on Jesus' love and care
... continued
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So once upon a garden bathed with rain
A pretty bird flew up into a tree
And happily it sang its joys and pain
... continued
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We rejoice in gladness
as we turn the hands of Time...
and welcome the New Year
... continued
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A shining star but distant from the earth
With radiant glow distinctly luminous
A twinkle and a speck, creating mirth
... continued
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