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About Me and My Poetry

Hi guys...all 14 million of you.I am half Spanish as you can probably tell from my picture.Both my parents were psychiatric nurses.Spanish father,English mum.Myself and my partner have been together for 30yrs.We have raised three daughters together and are presently excitedly awaiting,the arrival of our 4th grandchild.My mum,an amazing person,so sadly no longer with us was a gifted writer all her life.So I definitely have her to thank for my poetic streak.She encouraged me to read books of every shape and size from a very early age.Sadly my parents marriage broke up,when I was seventeen,and my father returned to his homeland,at 52 with his 21 year old student nurse girlfriend!.After which no contact was maintained.As I am Bi polar my poetry tends to swing rapidly from,light and airy kids stuff,to the darkest depressive dirge,you ever wanna read.Having said that,I consider myself to be truly blessed to have Bi Polar,as I fully believe that the pain in life,is as much of a gift as the joy!!

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I must catch some pokemon.I shouted at the nurse
As she gave me another injection and frowned at me quite terse.
But you don't understand how important it is.I lamented at the
... continued
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There's a lot to be said for vulgarity.
If used in the right way.
It can bring poise and clarity.
... continued
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"I do hope I've not called at a bad time ?" he said.
The smarmy politician,with the shiny balding head.
"but I'm hoping that we can rely upon your valued vote".
... continued
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Poor put upon appendages.
Stuffed into lace and silk,
against your will.Underwired
... continued
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Delightfully,derisive,doggerel has it's uses,I'm sure you will find.
So I'm going to employ it liberally,to get something off my mind.
Some are lovely people.who wish you all the luck.
... continued
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Nanny is fun because she maces me laugh and giggle all the time. Nanny lets use stay up until 7o/kc when we are at her house.
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Do any of you know ,just how f..ked off I am.
How utterly miserable,my life has become.
No love,no tenderness,not a kind word
... continued
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Sometimes the glass is half empty,and we must pretend it's full.
The hardest decision,most painful of all.Is to love someone or
something enough to let them go.
... continued
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I cannot tell you my dear friend,how very much it meant
to me,to see you,last weekend,spend time with you on your
special day.To meet your lovely daughter,what can I say.

Such a beautiful young lady,she really looks like you.Twenty
four years just melted away,as though they never were.You
haven't changed a bit my girl,your humor still well done.To
see you under a childs umbrella to keep out of the sun!!!.

To hug you and squeeze you,was truly food for my soul,
,Wild horses could not have
kept me away from you that day.

To feel the sun upon our heads,as we danced in an open
field.The freedom was cathartic,,exhilarating,real.
We must go back again next year and do it all together
for nothing, would prevent me from getting there,not even
diabolical weather.

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Some conversations stay with us,as we travel through the years.
So don't reproach or question,shed a wasted tear.

You were probably just taken a back that the cardigan,I
had worn,wasn't old and tattered,like the type I generally wore!

As I normally as I recall,turned up to school,doing my polished tramp
impersonation .Socks rolled down,hair scruffed up or a skinhead,what a deviation.

I can't believe that for thirty four long years,you held onto the guilt.
The friendship that we had built,on more solid foundations had been built.

Don't know if you remember,but I most certainly do.Staying at your house one night,
a group of giggly girls.When we came down in the morning and the sun had risen bright.
We peered into the oven,oh my goodness what a fright

For there perched fully nonchalantly,without a care in the world.The minutest of white mice
he really didn't care.Sat delighted at the back of your grill.

Oh how we screamed and how we laughed,his hiding place had been rumbled.we gave up
the idea of morning toast.Just asked for some cereal from our host!!!
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