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Ever green memories

Children were playing in the park
Innocence and happiness sparked

I closed my eyes and remembered the childhood days
How carefree and moved like a wind

Fun and enjoyment was prime
Sometime study never rhymed

Flew like bird
Fluttered like a butterfly

Where are those golden days gone
It is fresh and green ion the memories
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Ever green memories, by Shobha Raman 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Andreas Simic 7 months ago
Aah, childhood when not a bone ached or you paid the price for being overly enthusiastic for your age and ailing back. Tis to remember.
Curtis Williams 7 months ago
I especially liked these similes ' moved like a wind, Flew like bird, and Fluttered like a butterfly'.
Shobha Raman 7 months ago
Childhood days are like gold
Kim Joseph Delani 7 months ago
Never becomes old.
Sonja Carnes 7 months ago
Nice one, Shobha.

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