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About Me and My Poetry

I am a post graduate.i had passion for writing poems since childhood.i teach poor students free of cost like poetry teaching us my passion

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... continued
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I w ent out
I saw a post

... continued
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br/>Colourful flower
I love them all
I see flower as sweet as honey
I pen verses blending flower and beauty of yours
Pink rose sways I think of your lips
White lilies sings the love of ours
The sunflower smiles the brightness of your glowing face
The purple flower reminds of the Royal look
The blue flower in shining moon yearning to see you soon as a bride in shining moon

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Instilled a hope with in a child
She felt flying like a bird

Eyes shone like a star
Enthusiastic thought ran over her

She saw the rain
She wanted the happiness to reign

She saw the water flowing
Hopes shimmered, in the sun and feeling was swinging

Hope smiled
Feeling heart light and was filled with delight

Ray of hope dances
Radiates and illuminates the path of success

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World is lovely
Pen its creativity

... continued
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In the sea of life waves passion
Gathering the pearls of aspiration
... continued
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the sea of time
We swim and rhyme

... continued
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br/>Small stone and bigstone had debate
Small stone says that iam soft but you are rough
Small stone laughed at bigstone
Bigstone asked a small question tos.mall stone
It does nt grow to tree
It comes from seed and grows into plantand then to tree
I was soft but after runbing and deposition i have become a rock
If flood occurs you will be washed away
But i will manage to float
You havent seen experience so your soft
But the deposition have made me tough
Once even i was small and then i became big stone
You will not remain soft forever you will also become rough
Small stone smiled
Big stone rubbed with small stone

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Hope you are like a lamp
Alights the dampen spirit

... continued
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The snow capped mountain says it is sparkling like a white stone
The whiteness of mine gets dull and I melt

The trees says I wore a crown like that of a King
Now I look like King who wears crown without any glitter

Animals I whines how carefree we were
Now no where to go and human being have razed us to ground for their selfish motives

I will blow and my friends will sway
I am no more cold but hot winds

Poet can pen our beauty
We are vaning and fading

God save us
Grace our beauty

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