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About Me and My Poetry

I am a post graduate.i had passion for writing poems since childhood.i teach poor students free of cost like poetry teaching us my passion

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I wanted to meet my friend
Within my heart i was so excited

... continued
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Met a girl
Hair full of curls
Eyes of a deer
... continued
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Days are many
Each day is like honey

The day which counted penny
Delight all around and height of joy

Interviews are common
Initiation and being industrious matters

To reach the peak of carrier
Traville and forbearance scores

Determination and inspiration
Drew us into the realm of corporate

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Weather was pleasant
It seemed like a present

... continued
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The cold wind blew
The closed buds

I went to bed at night
Inside my heart ifelt heavy and filled with wavering thoughts

Like the star twinkled
Some thoughts thrilled with happiness

Itried to sleep
I wasnt able tosleep it seemed like a nap

The vision of his enraptured
Just like the fish which is fond of plankton

I smiled and cherished
Icouldnt sleep his vision left aprofound impact
That night i couldnt sleep

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Girl was beautiful
But what was beauty without penny

I saw a girl in rags
She was looking like a plant without leaves

Humaness within me i wanted
To help her

I asked in what she expertise
Like a beamingmoon her face became bright

Passion for needle work
To pull the string of confidence

I gave a design which was simple
Cheerfulness reigned and spritely
She did wonderful embrodiery

The work displayed her artistic fervour
Thread work was so nice i wanted to do some favour

Golden days tapped her door
With great efforts she geared to have her
Own business

Like a radiance of sun
Her business reflected with richness

Change is natural
To try and win depends on our potentiality

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Mind is like a flight
Wherever we land we should have foresight

... continued
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The sun had set
The bird back on its nest

... continued
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Pairs are lovely
Make the place wonderful

Pair equally share
Appears to be fair

The sky and cloud
The smile of mother and daughtet

Fire and water
Anger and sweet smile

Shining moon and star
Tender kisses shared by lover

Pairs you are lovely
Make the place wonderful

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Moment of victory
Melting in joy

... continued
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