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About Me and My Poetry

I am a post graduate.i had passion for writing poems since childhood.i teach poor students free of cost like poetry teaching us my passion

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Day swings like wind
Events sways
... continued
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I went for a stroll
Pleasant weather and also light drizzle

I walked along the park
I heard the hum of sky lark

Its humming soothened my heart
I wanted to immerse in that melody

I closed my eyes
Within few seconds i felt some one touching me

My heart pounded and fear gripped
Slowly like a snail i tried to openmy eyes

I was in state of shock
Friend of mine hugged me

I could nt speak and words choked
Like a mild dew in a shaking voice i toldher
That without her i didnt know itwheather it was day or night
She vented her emotion like a fountain i hadbeen
Always near you hinthe palace of friendship smiling

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Wonderful day today
Warm and light feeling rocked

... continued
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I had a dream
In and around a valley
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Balloon and desire
Soars and bubbles

... continued
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Iwas hard like a rock
People feared to talk

I went for a walk
The path had no light it was dark

I walked slowly
After sometime I felt heavy

I sat in a corner
A small child came near

Child face bloomed like a flower
Child touched me and asked I wanted water

Hardiness of my heart melted
Hearing the sweet voice I felt happy

I felt ashamed of my rough and tough attitude
I realised softness draws people

Child gave me water
Words choked I stuttered

Began to cry
Child asked not to feel at bay

He would show the way
My heart got lightened and experienced the feeling of joy

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Hundred of emotion gushes
Holding and jingling

Joy within hums
Ventingit out like a sprinkler

Eyes glows with.cheer
Face blushes like a red rose

One emotion glitters like gold
Unknown feeling sparkles

Emotion whirls like a pool
elates and keep you cool

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Life is like a wind
It might seem light or stormy

If there is change in direction of life
We have to balance and maintain the speed

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Humming of the love birds
Happiness sings and it resonnates

... continued
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Pretty girl passed by
Pulled the eyes of onlookers

... continued
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