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About Me and My Poetry

I am a post graduate.i had passion for writing poems since childhood.i teach poor students free of cost like poetry teaching us my passion

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Each one has a mission
My mission is to see the smile on all who are around me

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Festival comes
Fu n and joy all over

New dresses becomes a part of a dreeam
Nine year old boy's dream to buy

Poor family
Mother pooled her resources

Excitedly he saw rainnbow in his dreams
Enjoyment was for short time

Childhood friend faced crisis
Education was at stake he had no money to pay his school fee
Boy felt dress can be bought
Education is important than dress
He lended his money and asked him to hurry
His momquery he replied i can wear old dress but fee isnt paid he cannot lead as it is equal to lising one sight
Mom am i right

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Life is what?
Is living is also an art

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Seeet sixteen
Prime teen

... continued
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Five year boy
Flirted with dream

... continued
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Unravelling mystery
Ignites curiousity

... continued
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Transition is a part of life
Transcending it is the power

TrAnsition from the childhood to teenage
Sudden turn in tides

Pink colour of innocence
Red colour of individualism

Teenage love bumps
Tread with balance and donot jump without knowing its depth

The word advice sounds bitter
Weaving the word of suggestion is better

Swimming across the sea of harmones
To reach the surface they had to oar the opposite waves

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I and him were in the room
In aura of silence in gloom

Hearts raced
Tears in the eyes

Small misunderstanding
Shrouded elation

Neither took initiative
Quiteness prolonged

Like a light wind brushed
Someone knocked the door

My friend questioned
Am i at a wrong place

Rose swayed along with wind
But no one wasnt able to pluck it as thorns pricked

Like wise there was no life in the air
A small joke was cracked by my friend it changed the atmosphere

Wide smile brightned the room
Words which misunderstood got cleared and elation bloomed

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Day dans withglden sun rays
Rays shows the bow of mmy love

Flowwer blooms
Fluttering butterrfly

The petal whorls
The honeybee hovers

It touches and whisper love
Two birdd perching on trees and twittch its tail

Under the tree
Me and my love lying on the grass gaziing the sky

Heart beats and touch shook our veins
Hugged and kissed and whispered love you

The wind brushed and it was soothenig
We looked at each other and smiled

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Brief encounter with my friend
Boosted and geared hopes within me

Silverlining in the sky
Sprang optimism high

Brief encounter
Blended with my positive thoughts and sparked

Concept flowed
Conviction soared

Analysing and comprehending
Clarity smiling

Holding on to the rope of confidence
S caled the wall of assurance

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