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She can't be describe as the same or defined by a name.
Not designed as a game to play,
Not the kind, you'd find everyday.
... continued
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I love the way you smile,
It makes me want to go that extra mile.
Your random smiles are the best,
... continued
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Close to death so many times 
So many scars to remind myself of the past 
Still so young to say what I been through 
Beatings and watching my dad dealing 
How can one get out of this life? 
 Praying every night 
Just one shot is all I need 
To prove myself that I can rise and shine 
With the stars 
FIghting hard to take my place in this life 
Ain't no backing down for me 
Going for all or nothing 
Keeping my faith by my side 
Just pushing forward down this road 
Watching my world blow up around me 
Burning my fuel to keep this train going 
College is so close yet feels so far 
Hard to believe all the hard work I put in 
I may not be where I'm now but I'm working on it 
Just look at the road I've been on 
All the broken dreams and tears 
The blood and sweat 
There's a future for me 
I know it 
I feel it 
So afraid of what to come next 
But in the end 
You can call me a fighter 
I fought the odds and won the hand  
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For some Love is life,
For some it’s a game,
Rests do it for fame.
I believe in love at first sight,
Coz I’ve loved my mother,
Since I opened my eyes.
Love is an eternal feeling,
It is a word with not easy meaning.

People say love is trash,
They believe its all about cash.

They say love is waste,
But I say it is not their taste.
Love is a feeling of heart,
All u need is to get a start.

Love is not any deal,
It’s a life time seal.

Love at first site is not decided in advance,
It just happens by chance.

True love is a feeling of pride,
It always stands by your side.
Sometimes love results in fight, but 
It’s the best part of the beautiful delight.

Love gives u emotions u never knew u had!!
It makes you smile whenever you are sad.
Love is a gentle touch,
It caress too much.
Love never requires a season,
Neither u need a reason.

It is like Heaven, but it sometimes hurts like hell.
And in a short span of time love it self sets all well.
Sometimes love is easily demonstrated than defined,
True love is not what someone easily finds.
Love can’t be defined; it just sets you free,
It’s not easily found, it’s still a mystery.
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Four letters 
What can one say? 
So many pains 
But so many gains 
Love comes  
To only a few 
Who feel the Wooh 
Feel the moves 
Beats rolling 
Heat flowing 
What can one say? 
Love in a Strange World 
On the other hand,  
Love hurts 
As pains grow 
Never going to find anyone 
You didn't make the cuts 
Stay strong little one 
Love happens 
As rain fall 
Not very often 
But when it does 
Nothing can come close 
What can one say? 
Love in a Strange World 
There's is somebody 
For everybody 
That's the truth 
And shall always be 
We are made to love 
Just got to wait 
For the right love 
The love 
Where you smile everytime you see a text 
When you hear the name you look up 
Where you can't wait to go home 
Where everytime you take a look at another girl you think of yours 
The right kind of love 
Is hard to come by 
But when it does 
Fight for it 
And don't let in 
To the haters 
You are you 
Nothing less 
Your amazing 
The list could go on & on 
But to end this 
You are amazing the way you are 
Stay strong  
Stay proud 
Stay you 
Love happens 
Even in a  
Strange World <3  
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The words are pouring out
I can't hide my joy
The future is all mine for the taking
... continued
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What if....
I could go back in time
Change my wrongs
... continued
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Who am I?
I'm a guy who stands up for what I believe
Speaking out on the BS
... continued
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My mommy and daddy go to court today
They are fighting to see who has to give us away,
Mean things they say about one another
... continued
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Summer days  
Come and Go 
Oh how much joy 
Were those days 
The carefree 
The hopeful 
But the times changed 
Oh so fast 
Sun done 
Moon out 
The darkness cover us 
With cries of the lonely 
The screams of the needy 
Under the dark sky 
No dreams 
No chances 
Survive the waves 
Of overpowering thoughts 
How can one make it? 
I heard a voice 
Through Thy mist 
A little but oh so mightly voice 
That yelled,"Stay strong little one" 
I looked up to sky 
Amazed to see 
That stars has arisen 
To such heights 
A dream had formed 
A yell have to be screamed 
A change must be heard 
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