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Title of Poem

خواهش می کنم من را فراموش نکنید
...من گوشواره هایم را به شما می سپارم

please do not forget me
i entrust to you my earrings
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Title of Poem, by Yasaman Johari 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta 7 months ago
Dimut 2u 6 months ago
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 6 months ago
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 6 months ago
Richard Stephan 7 months ago
...in a Zen zone starin' at the meaningful yet incomprehensible jargon, linguistically impossible for an anglo to parse, to be or not to be, that's the only question!  TRUST! #ricoSacto @ricoSacto #ImAlive #IfNobodyDiedAmenImAlive
Richard Stephan 7 months ago
Steven Ernest Lee Cummings 29 days ago
thank you for your contribution
Wael Aboud 17 days ago
Well done
Armin Felahatpisheh 6 months ago
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan 6 months ago
Thanks Armin love you
Coy Day 7 months ago
John Romstadt 3 months ago

sometimes things given will bring back a memory. They act like a mnemonic.

 I think your native script is truly a thing of beauty. Thanks for its translation to English.

FREE POINTS 6 months ago
Diamond Yvonne 12 days ago
So what does this say in English tho?
Translate,  then more can read what you posting?     I would like to know I've read comments seems great.  
Have a nice day!!!
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