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slow motion train wreck

Slow Motion Train Wreck 2/18/12- 8/11/17

Enjoying the happy people and time I was Spending but
As the flow of nerve relaxer slowly wended its way through
The Veins of the revelers the louder and more honest the minutes became
The banal verbiage turned slowly to caustic repetitive dyslexia, the letters
Were there but the meaning became jumbled, the freer and faster the nectar
Slipped passed the lips the quicker Arrogance grew, Ignorance flew and Honesty Knew
It would ring soon and as is always the case Honesty never wastes a Chance to replace
Alcohol deadly dance of was that what I said or was that a Voice in my head
With my years in the Drunk game, I placed first at ever Race till I realized that
The Train Wreck I was seeing looked too Much Like Me
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slow motion train wreck, by Fred Derf 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Andreas Simic 6 days ago
The slippery slope of the sweet nectar revealed.
Sonja Carnes 6 days ago
"The Train Wreck I was seeing looked to much like Me."
This is a brilliant write, this could help a lot of people.
Excellent work!
Sweet Honey Dove 5 days ago
i could picture this
maddening scene

well done, Fred! :)
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