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GOKU (Cinquain)

Super Saiyan
Transforming! Glowing! Healing!
Exciting! Awe-inspiring! Powerful! Amazing!
This poem has been reported for abuse and is under review.

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GOKU (Cinquain), by Sweet Honey Dove 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta 7 days ago
Loving the Glowing Healer
Sweet Honey Dove 7 days ago
he has to be pure !!
Salmabanu Hatim 7 days ago
Beautiful prose
Uma Natarajan 7 days ago
Amazing analysis 
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Deep and profoundly beautiful
Fred Derf 7 days ago
Smart for me
ARUN MAZUMDER 7 days ago
great read
Sweet Honey Dove 7 days ago
he rocks !! :)

This one is called Didactic Cinquain and the rule is as follows: The first line is a one-word title, the subject of the poem; the second line is a pair of adjectives describing that title; the third line is a three-word phrase that gives more information about the subject (often a list of three gerunds); the fourth line consists of four words describing feelings related to that subject; and the fifth line is a single word synonym or other reference for the subject from line one.

(Reference with much respect: Poet Faheem Jawaid)
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