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The Cukoo

The cukòo is singing sitting on the distant tree.
Songs are coming in the air and are removing my worries.
Inside the song of the Cukoo I am feeling the divine.
Tired and dejected thoughts are becoming afresh and alive.
My life is becoming sublime.
I am forgetting the agonies of the battles.
I am giving to the Cukoo all my loves and smiles.
My mental institution is vibrating with the songs of the divine.
The Cukoo is relaxing my brain,body and mind.
It is healing my hurts and wounds.
Forgetting all fears I am fighting the battles.
The Cukoo is giving me all happy feelings.
Merging in the beauties of the nature I am becoming afresh and alive.
Becoming sure of fulfilling my hopes and dreams I am sleeping peacefully inside the slumber of the night
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The Cukoo, by SUBRAT RATH 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Awesome write
Kushal kalita 5 months ago
SUBRAT RATH 5 months ago
Songs of the Cukoo vibrates my brain nerves

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