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An wounded soldier

I am an wounded soldier.
Still fighting the battles with zeal and vigor.
Blood is oozing out from the wounds and reminding me of my nation's great warriors.
Blood drops are falling on the globe.
I am dead sure from those blood drops will be created a new generation.
That generation will upkeep the pride of my nation.
My blood drops will set examples for my brothers and sisters.
My kind soil will heal all my wounds and keep me dynamic,vibrant and young.
Loving my wounds till the last breath of my life I will strive for peace and harmony in the entire globe.
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An wounded soldier, by SUBRAT RATH 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SUBRAT RATH 5 months ago
In this world every body is an wounded soldier.
Janet Zappadiano 5 months ago
Thank you for sharing and your service. 
Endurance Ajodo 5 months ago
Good concept!
There is need for global peace.
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