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With no mood

With no mood

The soul must remain
Sans pain
With no agony
And trusting only an almighty

You may feel hatred
And forced to be led
By destructive ideas
With intermittent pause

This develops confusion in mind
And you can’t find
Real answer to what is happening
It is only saddening

It is only temporary phenomenon
With total supremacy of demon
You are having defeated tendency
And forces to make no move immediately

You feel isolated
With mood not excited
Gloom has field day
But forget it for time being and get not carried away
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With no mood, by Hasmukh Mehta 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
ARUN MAZUMDER 3 months ago
Sweet Honey Dove 3 months ago
But forget it for time being and get not carried away 

true insight
dear hasmukh
kavita saraf 20 days ago
a very good one indeed
Suzanne Wells Villafuentes 14 days ago
Be blessed
Jasmine Romanov 3 months ago
And his cup filled over
iamreppard 3 months ago
Janakaraj Sivaram 3 months ago
Anastasia Hermiz 27 days ago
Gloom has field day 
But forget it for time being and get not carried away 

Gary Wurtsmith 23 days ago

Very interesting

Flows very well. Last sentence creates a nice finish

Sonja Carnes 3 months ago
This is different!
Gary Gallegos 3 months ago
Another good effort.
Donald Patton 3 months ago
Well written!
J Beynon 3 months ago
Good job!
Sohel Bhattacharya 20 days ago
i want more poems
Kathy Schafer 6 days ago
A good interesting poem
Andreas Simic 10 days ago
Yes life is indeed a rang of emotions including gloom. I am reminded of this quote. 

“Only when we have lived life fully can we take inventory, and say we are done.” Andreas Simi

Gururaja SR 10 days ago
An attempt to be insightful but I felt the poet somehow stopped in between and didn't complete the journey. 
No matte; the road still beckons the poet to traverse, discover and realize. 
Nicholas von Hubert 29 days ago

There is no pain no fear

Because the soul is eternal

The agony of flesh

Scares the mind

Sweet Honey Dove 29 days ago
L Rodriguez 20 days ago
lots of word that don't flow easily, but, it may just be the mood i'm in right nor,...?  write on...please..!
Amrawati Moses Narayanan 3 months ago
Its the feeling of confusion and trying to find answers which may or may not be visible. He knows its temporary then again leaves it to resolve in time
Windmill Person 16 days ago
couldn't even finish the first line but thanks
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