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About Me and My Poetry

I started writing poetry right after I started reading. My first poem was about the 4 seasons since I loved the outdoors. The next poem I wrote was about the creek I would walk to from our house on the dusty dirt road. The next poem I wrote was about Sesame Street. So you can see how young I was and I wrote about what inspired or influenced me early on. I have been writing, reading and critiquing poetry and other writings since I could read and gather thoughts on any subject. Though I was never encouraged as a child by my parents to start writing or to keep writing, I persevered in my so called talents; in fact I was discouraged and called names by them and others for writing poetry. Hemingway is someone I can relate to. I think we have much in common. You might also find similarities in our styles of writing. I do NOT try to sound like him, nor do I let anything influence me to be like someone else, he did not influence me, we just have similar pasts and therefore similar backgrounds to draw from that can be channeled into this art form. I have had many poems published. This site is not the only place that has published my work. The early version of this site published some and that is where my first few poems were published; by the creators of what this site used to be. Some of my poems have been published overseas as well. Many things have inspired me and influenced me and let me down in life. That is the beginning of poetry to me and my works. I love the uniquely funny and the uniquely profound. I try to present that in my work and all that I do. I just recently created a twitter account so I can use it for this site. Follow me there if you want. :) @AllSeasonsPoet or search my name ... Josh Holmes.

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About My Poem

In times when they have no shame 
They say that love conquers all 
Though less seek love than those who seek to blame 
Gladly watching shame unfold as they watch you fall 

A balance must be found 
For I say shame will come and go 
Though we are not bound 
By love or shame alone 

The instant you slip they are ready to discredit you 
As they try to loosen your sure and steady resolve 
Trying to fabricate less to live for in all that you do 
Hoping to add ten more to every problem you solve 

Peacefulness is shown in love as you who decide 
Climbing up from the decay in separate attempts withal 
Brainwashing thoughts in weakness subduing the mind 
Retreating and reverting backwards into the withdrawal 

Those who crave you to fail do harbor your past 
At the same time they are content to ignore their own 
Clawing at your every flaw until they see blood at last 
Blaming you for ever seed to whom provoke you sewn 

Shame conquers all when they warp a child to heed 
Being the lot they long to bestow upon you as fame 
A lifetime of war around every corner of thought and deed 
Reaching into your mind to convince you of the shame  

They revel in the opportunity to quench love until it is dead 
Having never loved a thing except watching me fail and fall 
As they gleefully sicken in their teaching of shame instead 
They then think I am ready to accept that shame conquers all  

Pulling myself from their grasp indeed I can see hope at last 
No longer will I allow the progression of shame they hold dear 
For I was trapped in their yearning for a life of living in the past 
Told to stay shamefully caged in behind bars made of fear 

Now proving compassion and living in newness of life 
From the past I will push on overcoming the shame of it all 
Once raised among the minds readily full of delusional strife 
I am now ready to prove that true love and pure shame conquers all 

©2013 - Josh Holmes    
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Yesterday is past and still our lessons learned
The things from then we cannot forget or else
For everything we so commonly yearned
... continued
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From those that came to cause you sorrow and pain
Rarely were still around to see the affect that became
The person you are from the depths you rose and still remain
And the actions that made you stronger strengthening your frame

The many that were put here to block your narrow path to peace
They pursue you and alone you cannot find your way back in the aftermath
Outnumbering the few put here to help you find your way among the least
And casting debris in your way trying to force you down the wider path

For the shattered and the damned that come at you from all sides
This trial cannot last forever until the next one waiting comes to test
Yet for the ones that haunt you there is an end they will find
Alongside those that came your way and have fallen alongside the rest

Many have fallen to their own rotting shame and tasteless greed
To the same end also many lives were claimed for selfish distain
Yet those that made it their purpose to harm you with every deed
Are the ones that fell hardest while still wounded you stand and remain

Giving way to mourning for the souls that are lost
Should not be for those that paid that price with their life
They should have counted the high wager before paying this cost
Now finding their place with all else that made you stronger through strife

Wayward on pursuing you move wounded and you drag your feet wearily
Steps owed to a higher calling than they who would smile as you failed
Failing not for as to live for others is the ultimate gift you still give freely
This time could be different still though no rougher waters you have sailed

If those that discouraged were not there to cast you down and out
Hardships blindsiding you brought from those that came your way
Just to tell you that you were another face in the blackening crowd
Then you would not be the person grown of trials that we see today

There is no greater level for either of which you have felt from your core
Of love or of pain no one has felt it the same in what you face even more
For you knew it was there and fought for them and sought finding the best 
All your life not seeking your own to save right while casting aside the rest

©2012 - Josh Holmes
... continued
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Whether what may be is clearly seen by some at first
Or finally formed at last in a cloudly haze of peace
Where shall one go that is subjectively immersed
... continued
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(Verse 1)
If you asked me, is there anything I want more
When it comes to you, baby, behind closed doors
... continued
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Show your face and I will face my problem
Give me a target and I will shoot to kill
Its now or never, sink or swim
... continued
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In the shadows I stand
Letting your life be your own
Knowing if you so much as asked
... continued
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I still remember when
I thought of you everyday
Now its now and then
Yet I know it will never fade away
You were the first I ever loved
Though its true I know
We were young to speak of
It was even truer so
I still remember that smile
The look on your face
Though its been awhile
My mind will not erase
As the rain pours down
The days it tears me apart
I let your memory drown
Before it can start
I wonder what it was
How could it be so easy
If it were not love
To fill me so completely
I still remember a little
The sound of your voice
So soft and gentle
Yet so full of laughter and joy
I hope my future will find
A person like you
Someone so sweet and kind
That I could adore so true
I still remember the way
Every time you spoke you see
Even when you had little to say
It always meant so much to me
I wish I could speak to you
If only one last time
To say these things to you
That are on my mind
I will always remember the bout
I cherish of you more
Its the way you brought out
The best I had in store
I could go on to say
More than there is time to explain
And say it another way
Still its all the same

©1998 - Josh Holmes
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As I awoke to the world
The night still on my face
The dreams of you that told
... continued
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The windmill
It stands there
A hansome structure
... continued
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