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Not a Crime to Sail Through Time

If I lived in The Wild West,
I would carry my fire arms on my hips.
I would walk in a Saloon for sasparilla sips!
If I lived in times of Anient Egypt's Day,
I'd ride the Nile in Royal Style, as I play.
If I lived in Rome I'd build an Aqueduct
And earn Gold instead of a paper buck.
It's not a crime to want to sail through time
It's outrageous, but not a felony Crime!
I remember in history books, the flame
Of curiosity, then came the books of Plato's
Time,and space are Far apart,
But tales of history..................
Is where I start...
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Not a Crime to Sail Through Time, by Sonja Carnes 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta 7 days ago
claire keaton 8 days ago
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
Thank you, Claire. I had fun with this! My oldest son asked me what subject I liked best
That is history no doubt! 
anonymo magnifico 8 days ago
...& quite courageous!...
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
Hi, Anonymous! Thank you for your kind words! I was talking to my oldest son and he asked me what subject I liked best! So I made it fun!
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
History is fantastic!
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