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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Life is full of ups and Downs
Insides up and all arounds
But there is no denying If I
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A candle flickers in the drafty shed
There is a storm brewing overhead.
The flame is snuffed by the strengthening
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I've fought long and consistent
to ease this weary heart!
Days turned to weeks, then
... continued
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Let's take a boat and go fishing for a while
It's a beautiful day I catch a big Bass and
Watch you smile.
Let's play in the sand with the kids and the
Dog. Or swim across the lake untill we're
Water logged!
It's a nice summer day, a great time for
Summer play!!!
I have have my vacation, let's enjoy some
Won't talk about it any more, because we're
In the boat and leaving shore!
Sweet summertime, the sun and water is
Ever so fine!

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Warm days just became hot!
Time to fry a few eggs on the black top!
Can't walk in my bare feet
... continued
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I have no answers for anyone in
Gentle warmth of tears my heart aches
For them as they face Thier fears!

Where is the hope, the open arms
We seek, I know my heart is
Both strong and meek.
I stand Alone but not for long
I hear the Saint's in song.

Walk the path, a long and winding
It is a fleeting essence that I behold.
My Mother's face appears, I fight back
My streaming tears.

Rest softly the heart and soul glows warm
I've weathered many a storm!
I'm in the hope of ,"Now" is in my will to
Walk up one last hill!

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I see many nameless wonders in your eyes.
Many Dreams that will come true!
I've waited a long time to meet you.
Much love follows through the ages
We've faced our fears at different stages.
We forget what we are after
When we share our Tears and laughter
How do we face our Nights and days
What help us change our ways?
When I look into your angelic face
I feel the love of God's sweet grace.
Your tiny hand wrapted around my
Finger,this is a fleeting moment, yet
The memory will linger.
Sweet dreams my Grandson, sleep well
God's Beautiful Angels keep you in Thier
Tears of joy, and gentle sighs, flow from my
My soul.....
When I look into Nathan's Eyes!

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She sleeps in soil of life's renewing touch.
Holding the power of stillness in her hands
Once life brought her the power to her " All of All's"
... continued
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My Father was 6 foot 6inches tall
When I was a child I looked up so
High, I thought I'd fall.
A Gentle giant kind and true I miss him so,
He was true blue.
His laughter was was hardy, and contagious,
Never one moment was he outrageous
I recall his handsome smile, his gentle ways;
He had Such style!
I Think of Him With Love and peace,
His loving memory will never cease!
He is with me still, each step of the way
My love still grows for him , and voiced on Father's Day!
Thank you for your warmth and loving heart,
You made my life beautiful with your loving
wisdom from the start.
Love Always your daughter!

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Broken dolls he often would mend
He would fix them each time,on thier
Way he'd send!
... continued
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