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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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"Walk softly," said the man in the Moon.
Lady Venus sleeps until half
Past noon.
... continued
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Light, fades....
Darkness walks slowly about
Darkness softly calls my name
It is a shadow that strides the same
Shadows only exist with light, perhaps
This is the time before the pitch black
Purity and wit, stands in a time of past
This is the sorrow's that runs so fast
In the river flows the fluid of life, it has
Carried me far...........
River to the Sea of Souls, drifting away
To the land of, "No Day"........
What is this a brilliant light, cast out the
Shadows of the night.......
It's beams shine wide and far......
Sweet embrace of the morning Star...
I feel it's warmth near and far......

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Running from the Reaper..
The path becomes steeper
Turn around and be brave
... continued
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In the time before time
Was the Master of the
Watching and waiting
he began to create
His very breath was
Given to man...
He did not stand alone
Woman sang her tone
She came alive with a
Man's rib bone...
They walked together but
Form Paradise they were
Driven away....
It remains the same today!
Angels Gaurd the Gates
While Man And Women
Live their fate...

... continued
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It was a flame that warms the
chilling hands of despair!
It was the wind that pushed
Her from here to there!
No journey Questioned
Is left in motion...
It take a pure heart
For devotion.....
The crossroads now stand before
A stopping point near approaching
It is in the water, in the air, the shattered
Heart of Despair....

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Beyond the valley A lost Crown and Sceptor
Battle formations brings the ground to thunder
Mighty the the Vanguard, the middle and rear.
This is the blood drenched soil of unforgettable
There is a roar, screams of lost passions of freedom
In the fury of splits it's Battalion's on either side, here
Comes the horse of war, running in it's stride,
White flag, the blood stained Sceptor, and Crown
Recovered, a Fallen King discovered.
A man of honor walks among the injured and dead
He gathers them all, the men he led...
Now he wares the Crown upon his head......
Peace , prosperity filled the land, at the
Highest price , but his Kingdom stands
The people, the land, continues to heal,
The King has A heart of gold, he lays
Down the steel...

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She walked through the ages unbroken
Never her heartfelt warmth is unspoken..
So pure and special she walks sun gold days
... continued
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When the old out live the young
And grief is given untold
We seek Sorrows solitude and
... continued
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Dollars new quarters
Roller skates are new sports car
Paper fans new central air

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Just a foot step away,
I watched my life slip downhill
I'd very little strength but iron strong will
... continued
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