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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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I care for the true hearts of this community!
Gentle,caring in all respects! I know you are
Warm in heart,and spirit! I respect the amazing
Intellect one and all.
This is a good day, for someone having a hard
No one ever said life is easy, or death would
Be any better! It is a part of the whole. It is
What it is nothing less,or nothing more!
Wheels in motion continue to roll.
I look to the process, and realised how wrong
I've been.
The worst that can happen,only in my eyes is
To chill the heart of warmth
Peace remains the victor of my heart!
Warmth is the companion of hope!

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I am lost and searching soul
Somehow my strength
Comes and goes with the the
... continued
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A child holds his toy truck ready to go to church.
His Mother says," We can't take toys to church!"
"Why, replies the boy. His mother says "It's rude not to listen to the Sermon!"

" I did listen Mommy, I'm bringing my toy truck so Jesus can heal it!"
"Jesus heals the living!"
The little boy started crying."What's wrong honey?"
"My truck is dead." "No, son,it just isn't living!"
"It is to me,",said the little boy to his Mother.
He rubbed his eyes,and sobbing,he hung his head to the floor!
"OK,son ,no playing in church,but you can bring your truck."

The truck tires never did drive again.
The strangest thing did happen that Sunday....................
That broken Truck sure could Fly!!!!!!!

... continued
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There is a dawning of a new day!
My restless night will turn to light.
My aches and pains will face the rains.
... continued
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How can I begin. It would be too difficult!
Another day of gifted time! Yes, time was taken
From man long ago! A flood washed away........
... continued
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The Phonenix rises from the ashes of the nest
Many Centuries ago it was an egg Myrrh,placed
On the altar of the Sun,Deity!
... continued
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Is there anyone out there?
I don't want to be alone!
I'm feeling lonely and blue!
... continued
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The Phonenix Rises from The ashes of it's Ancient nest!
Many centuries ago It was an Egg of Myrrh,placed on the
Altar of the Sun,Deity!
Rising above the ruins of war, the crimson ash below begins
To Vanish,the Birds of war retreat!
A place of new beginnings,the hope, the love,and integrity
Of Man rekindeled the ruins of disputes!
A kiss of the Phonenix and it's flame heals the ruins and
Man himself!
Man is given another chance!
Man greets hope with open heart!
Love of The Earth prevails!

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Two birds perched on a smoldering tree.
A Raven and a Falcon,the Raven says,"Ancient Warriors,
Bled the soil,the Rivers,and Seas.
Paying the ultimate price,for freedom!"
The Falcon,replies,"Mankind no longer
Needs his swords! They just press a button
,Like they did today,and end all life!"
"Not true ,said the Raven,"We are still here!"
The Falcons answers," Don't be so Naive,
We are two radio active roasted birds,
We talk to each other in spirit!!!!!!"
The End Game,Sonja,Cares 3/20/17

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I know there is a place I swam to when I was small.
A green lush Island just off the coast. It was picture perfect
So I believed, in every way, except ,the viper that struck my
... continued
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