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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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In between sleep and awake
My spirit has shattered near
Nothing left for them to take..
It is my way to give, and
"live and let live" Kipling
Once said ,"If you can keep
Your head about you, while
All about you are losing
Their's and blaming on you,"
He was a poet of sight, and his
Pen was his might!
So when my days seem grim
I think of many poets and
Grin, might awake with tears
Through out the years, but the
Pen can banish the fears.

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I'm a nature lover as anyone can see, but I'll never forget
The time it backfired on me.
Two miles into the dense woods checking the moss on the trees
... continued
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Lost in this fast moving world
No slowing down my snow ball pace
Counting the days of the Golden Race.
... continued
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Sadness grows into relentless sorrow
As happiness grows into rebounding joy!
When we find balance we find meaning!
... continued
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How do I continue, when I've lost my love
You held my heart with gentle warmth
Now you are gone to this world and I
Weep for your touch, all that did shine
Has lost it's shimmer...
The sun shines brightly but day is dimmer
There is a hole in my heart pulling the life
From me , this is a time unrevealed from
I thought togetherness would always last
Your big brown eyes, so full of love melts the
Ice on winters days, your smile like rays of light
Holding warmth in the coldest nights..........
Now gone, now gone far beyond my touch
A love that means so much.............
Your loveing wife...

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Contained, in darkness
Womb frees sleeping soul from birth
Death claims toil to soil
... continued
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Somewhere in the Heart of Rome
Stand a Rich man and A Poor Man
The Poor Man has no pillow for his
... continued
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He was 4 years old, stepping on the School bus
Watching his frail self walking to the back
I could barely see him , but before he sat down
In his seat, he stood on tipped-toed feet
Waves to me from the window of that
Yellow School Bus.....
He was our youngest son, very eager to
Learn, now he is expecting a child
How quickly the hands of time turn....
With all my love and respect for you, and
Your Lady Love,
May God's Angels keep you, and your family
Safe., and sound....
My prayers are with you, You have found..
Your Father is watching proudly.....
The joy in our heart's sing loudly..

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Running from the pain, looking away
Hoping for the light of day
What Empty hours are awaiting
... continued
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Egypt, Pyramid's
Sands in hour glass standing tall

... continued
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