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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Alone, and forgotten the woman walks away
She looks at her Bible And shields the pages
From her tears!
She ask God to help her, people have been
So cruel. God softly Whispers "Stay kind,
The cruel have darkness of spirit, the kind
Has warmth!"
Thank You God for your love!

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I walk through the lush valley, beautiful Kelly green grass.
The Fragrance of wild roses fill the air. I see the sweetness
Of a new born fawn standing by it's mother, somewhat wobbling
His new legs is trying to hold him, his Mama supports him!
This is a sight of warmth that moves the spirit.
A soft breeze dances across the tall grass, it brightly calms my restless
It is a friend to my eyes to witness , to behold!
This majestic scene.........
A field serene.....

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She sleeps in soil of life's renewing touch
Holding the power of stillness in her hands
Once life brought power to her "All of All's"
Now power is the absence of her call's

No tears, no counting years, no longer needed fears.
She is the silent Lady of Love's labour's Lost
She is the calm before the storm
She is the Fallen daughter of "Mother Earth."

Apart of serenity, a glimmer of sweet space,
She sleeps in her mother's arms!
When there is a calm before the storm
You will see her, when there is the peaceful
Waters of the sea, you will feel her.

She lives within the poets heart, she lives
Within Angel's whispering flutter of Thier wings!
Be kind to her, for the flower she holds,is the spirit
Fully in bloom...........

Her name is,"Flawless Beauty"
Nature's finest compliment to
She is many nameless wonders......

... continued
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The eyes of an angry man
Is the sword of a mighty
... continued
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Eden sleeps with Angels at it's gates!
A Forgotten garden swallowed by the
Thorns of ages!
... continued
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In the moments of silence when the sun sleeps.
In the arms of my maker I rest, but sound awake,
my quiet soul sighs and quakes
... continued
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Clipper Ships sit in the harbor!
Watching for the storms to arrive!
The stillness is breathtaking!
Not A creature in the sky........
Clouds begin to roll into a breeze,
Then becomes , whipping Wind!
A recent blue sky is slowing turning to black!
Wind becomes violently loud distructive,
Rain is mixed with the water of the Sea.
Only splinters remain, of a once a mighty Ship.
Prepared for the storm, the crew was spared!
The "Eye of the Storm" consumes, the cost line.
Dawn of the following morning,
Reveals the cluttered beach, With the ruin of the Storm!
A prayer of Thanks for the Angry Storms exit!
Must build more ships,
The Grace of God...........
Has saved my crew!

(Story my Great grandfather would tell when l was a small child he lost his ship to the storm
But his crew was safe!)

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For 20 Years we Sat at the same table.
We walked the same Path........
We shopped the same stores
... continued
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Nothing can make still,
Those who insist on War!
In silence it speaks loudly!
I'm speechless h it manifests in
It would be better to leave.............
War as an undone thing.................
Who will tell the Fallen........
If War was won?

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"Give me Your Soul, and I will give you your sight."
Yes, Santan him self, was going to strike the
Deal! The Fallen of God's Grace,the deciever,
... continued
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