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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Let There be warmth on a winter day.
Let the sun shine from the depth of your soul.
Let the heart be rested from Beastly burdens.
Open the door,let life see love in it's finest hour.
It is in this moment, that all begins to vanish!
Hold on to the present,it will become your memories.
........Let each moment embrace you with hope,
And compassion for a better world!
Let your heart stand in the hand of our
All Mighty,with purity, and peace!
Yes.......Let warmth fill your heart!!!!!!!

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Nothing can make Still,those who insist on war.
In,silence it speaks loudly!
In speech it manifest in silence.
It would be better to leave..........
War an undone thing..........Why
Who will tell the Fallen the war was won?

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Look at our world,study Long,and hard!
What do you see? Better yet,how do you
Feel about this world? I
... continued
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Welcome,we ask not what you are,
You are a Guest!
If you are a friend, we greet you,
With an open heart and mind!
If You claim to be a stranger,you are no longer!
If you are an enemy,our love will befeat thee!
We are the Good people of Earth!
We stand securely with our home!
Our hospitality, is awesome!

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They say love conquers all!
Love does not conquer chance,
And it doesn't conquer death!
... continued
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Seasons of the Heart,
Spring breathing life into the earth and all that share it.
Summer's purifying rains.
Autumn's soft winds,dancing fallen leaves.
Winter now ,I refuse to feel the chill.
Take me back to the seas;
The rushing gale,flying waves that whips the skies,
Eventually,the calm.As I open the window
My spirit soars,looking to all Gods Good earth!
Season's come and Season's go,
I witness, a great glad calm in winter of my
Life,warming my hands by the burning bush,
That Mosses once knew!
Thank You Lord for my long life.

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Lost in the wasteland's, near the sea.
Can't find my home! Please help me!
A sea of souls cry out my name,
They say my restless soul they'll tame.
Storms rage on in the heart of time
Ancestors make clear their faces,
Our souls connect in far off places.
Now I join solace,piety,and integrity,
I found my home in life's sweet,melody.

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Nuclear winter- the ultimate season.
A global destroyer.
From fire ball to sunless days,
Humanity faces extinction.
Last survivors ascend.
In a cryostats,Thier journey unfolds.
The pilgrimage for Terra's likeness.
Unknown galaxies ventured.
At last! Smoothe touch down.
Doors open to a new world.
A paradise beyond the known Universe
Fruit of the land is not forbidden,
It is tasted and shared.
Knowledge of the past assures peace.
Humanity holding the echoes of another Eden!
Another time another place.......
The Almighty,has given us a second chance!
With his Grace, Humanity Prevails!!!

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Your time on earth has ended.
I will miss you deeply.
You fought,long,and hard.
Now you fight no more!Sleep in peace,my friend and know
My heart aches for you,
Your final journey,your eternal home.
. />The loving songs of Angels,brings comfort!
Rest softly ,yourWearySoul
Whole again in the loving Arms of
Our maker.
Dear Friend.

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When all is lost,nothing is more than you think!!!!!!
If you know you have nothing,you have your wits about you!
If you have your wits and you know it,you can stand your ground!
... continued
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