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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Sacrafice, is the scars.....
from his crown of thorns
Sacrafice is his name sake.
His love was for this world
Is the love of our salvation!
When all is said and done
He walked away from death
He is welcomed by the hand of
His father, his hope lives on!
In the hearts of mankind.
His crown of Thorns, now
Gone, but Jesus is not,he lives
On through the Ages!
"On Earth as it is in Heaven"

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94 seasons of each and all, he has witnessed!
He was a man full of life, love, laughter!
He walked and danced to the same song.
... continued
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When all is said and done, and we answer for what
We did in our lives, or didn't do can we explain ourselves?
What is done is done, it won't matter if we can explain
... continued
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No Easter Bunny this year!
Cause Easter comes late!
... continued
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Striped of The atirer
Revealing nakedness
Striped of nakedness
... continued
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My friend you are a pioneer expanding the arts.
Stand strong,I feel your pain, I feel your panic
This is an Injustice,it Has been thrown at you,so
Throw it to the 4 Winds.
Stand with strength!
So many Fear change, Other times it is envy and hate
That serves the Injustice that people
Like yourself.have to suffer!
Stand strong against the Chaos
Hold dear your purpose be what
you were meant to be!
Be You, A Beautiful Temple!
A Pioneer of life's beauty and Art!

... continued
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What Injustice the Indian Nation has endured.
Their land was stolen,but not their spirits. All warriors
Gather in the light of a new Dawn,they dance in the clear
Light of the moon.
They embrace mother earth with respect, a love.
No tears for the head-dress or commands of
A dignified wars for Thier freedom to protect
A home for an unwanted grief they did not
Deserve. Stand Strong with your ancestors
Weep for the greed
of your perpetrators!
Know the earth and all in the heavens
Dance with you in the heart of
Your being!

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My dreams,my hopes,my love
Is all that leads me to the moments
Of truth.
... continued
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Up the tree and out of sight. Up so high
As though in flight.
Hide and seek we played as kids you see,
A special time,we were so happy and carefree !
The beautiful tree in my back yard.
Has outlived generations of my family.
For a very long time it has stood Gaurd.
It has cradled one another as far back,
As my Great Grandmother.
Tall and strong it gives us shade.Its roots
Are deep within the ground,
Near where my brothers and sisters danced around.
I look outside our old hound dog is curled,
By the old tree,deep in sleep as peaceful as can be..
All seasons has weathered this old tree
It has always been a friend to me!!!

... continued
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Little hands and little feet
Baby girl is so sweet
Never seen such a
... continued
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