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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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Unstable this bridge we cross day by day
The raging river below awaits.
Where do we cross and how do we make safe
Passage, we are but small specks of sand to the
Mighty river's flow.
We must build a better bridge and keep the old to
Remember, but seal it's use and look from afar.
Hold Dear your life and tame only what
Is yours, and the mighty river will be what it is.
We must move beyond the angry waters, we are
At peace with yourself and conquer nature's own
One with the land, we stand!
The right bridge will make possiible, the impossible!
We will make safe our journey across the turbulent
Waters with grace... We build our bridges, or we burn them......

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It is a distant star that beams upon
The sweet Saint, giving power to her spirits claim,
Her Armies did embark, In the sun and in the dark!
... continued
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I thought I heard the sound of wings directly above.
This is a sound I could learn to love.
Sweeping the stardust from sunshines ray's
Softly shimmers in rainbows rains all in the
Same moment of the day!
Walking lightly to sweet melody, the sound of
Music kisses me.
I thought I heard your voice, A sweet sound
I rejoice..
Now the time to keep it real, a past moment
My mind's eye, true to steal....
There is more to life than meets the eye
This is true you will see, when you've
Witnessed, Sweet Wings of high....
The day you see the Angels Fly.........

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Distant Rumble Roar
Typhoons engulf the shores docks
Man walks away , prays

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When my tears are many and my smiles are few
I remember the laughter we shared.
I remember you truly cared!
My heart grows bigger each day
It guides me though the hard times,
It is a warmth, that is with me to stay.
So for a while the tears may fall
But thoughts of you brings a smile
So tall.

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In the air and water flowed the life of summer
Starlit nights and sunkissed days, we walked
And danced in summer haze!
... continued
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I walk the streets of Paradise, I search each
Dwelling .
I have not seen your face in this beautiful peaceful
I stand by the gate and watch the souls March free
But they are them and not you, what moment will it
Many travelers young and old stands for judgement
And their story told.
At the end of the line I saw a beautiful light It all became
Clear as the light grew near
It was you I heard your voice, and your judgement
True and kind, this was the moment I've waited for
My true love and I entwined
This is my Heaven, we share our love in eturnitys
Loving arms.... In a world of no harm....
I look into your eyes and know sweet
Love has no disquise...

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I travel on this beaten path it twist
And turns to no end, and when I
Stop to view the sights my heart
... continued
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He walked away and did not look back
His life was slipping away, his memories
Come rushing in, his untold thoughts
Trapped within..
Conqueror of many lands, no longer holds
His sword in hand.....
He looks to his Lady love, but all is lost she
Went home above, to make her final stand...
Time was new he held her heart, in darker
Time when time grows old , this man
Has lost his bold....
And now he close his eyes, his story, therefore
Many Passions joined his cause, in love, in war,
In life now death
He stood then fell with his final breath

... continued
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Sweet tomorrows are the seedlings of today
We stand looking into a time unrevealed
While the beauty of this day slips away
What we have is a gift of time, life is more
When we seek it's dynamics, when life is
Faced eye to eye, it is a river we make
When our suffering souls cry.....

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