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About Me and My Poetry

There are many trades and professions In my time. I have a very good husband of 35years! I have 5 sons and one daughter. My life is about family! 12 Grandchildren and many pets. I love to read poetry and some of Shakespeare's plays.

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There stood a deep Sorrow right out side of my door!
I tried to ignore its presence so I hid in a far off place
It found me and held me by my face, "this is the kindest thing
... continued
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The sun looks through my window,
As if it was an early visitor.I look
Back and take a breath.
Rising to it's home above, it shine's
It gentle Ray's of love.
There is a peaceful morning start,
This morning with warming heart!
I smile with love and sweet content
My spirit is lifted absorbing roses
Blissful scent!
Good morning one and all
The morning sun has made it's call!

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Piece by piece, my life reveals it's
Puzzling face! Rich colors of a solidarity's
Glimmer, softly shimmers!
A canvas that pulls the blackest hour's
This is a sound, and act ,
that guides the brush by the
hands of fate. Where the heart taps to ..
The vivid splendor of the artist, Masterful
Still the sound of the drum, begins to lighten
With a melancholy hum.
There is nothing out of ordinary my life has succumb.
If I stop to see the picture in it's making,
It would fulfill the image, and ease my shaking.
In the Hall of Generations the finish pictures
Are viewed in a single glance, the masterpiece
Rings clear, when the wall displays it all............
The artist stands near!

... continued
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Soft summer breeze moving through the meadows.
Sweet smell of lilacs in the air.
The clearity of a deep blue sky, a draping of white
... continued
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It was a day I won't ever forget
The Day I learn to water ski!
The lake was placid and still
... continued
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My Old Cat and friend died last week.
I've had her so long I still call her in my
... continued
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A disembodied voice rises from the mist
I turn to hear, an Angel appears soft silk
Robes and golden hair.....
"Sweet child of God why do you weep?"
" I weep for the bitter of heart, I weep
For the minds of no thought, I weep for
those with broken bodies, that have no
I weep with those who weep."
"Rest your tears, and hold the years
For Sorrow's of justifying cause,
It is a fleeting moment that must
give us Pause!
Life is all around in the air
and in the ground.
A twisted Fate is lost not found
Protect the pure of heart, it is a
Treasure from the start,
Love and be loved, we do not stand apart
When all is said and done ...........
We stand side by side as one...

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Let's play some baseball I'll play short stop
You can pitch, we'll be on each other's team!
The field is a little muddy when I slid to my
Base you were on the chase!
Did You hear me shout when the Ump said I was out!
Bases loaded, your up to bat, one strike, two strike
Then your luck was in the spike!
Bases emptied all three made it home,
Your the last one in with a big old grin!
That was fun, let's do it again!

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Many years pass since the Queen
Saved her Lady in Waiting, from the doom
Of the castle tower!
... continued
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I'm unseen, unheard, unprepared for
The malice that bends the spirit!
I am flesh, I have a heart, I just
... continued
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