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Youth – Part 1

Wishing to be a grad
Now though a lad,
Can be sweet as Chad.
Many get to write a pad
Exams and become sad;
Results make them monad
Make loose courage had –
Isn’t this too bad?
So be a brave lad.
There will some tad;
World differ like dad,
You always try to add
Vigour to your try; be mad.
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Sanket Jain 3 months ago
Grad - A person who has received a degree from a school
Tad - A slight amount or degree of difference
Darshan Pilley 28 days ago
Good collections of words.
Youth – Part 1, by Sanket Jain 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Jawahar Gupta 3 months ago
rhyming words are sweet
the mind gets delete
the brain gets defeat
loving words feat
let us all greet,
Sanket Jain 28 days ago
Great! You too are writing in Pari style. Great to see you in my poems.
Sanket Jain 3 months ago
Hope readers will like my creative way of writing a poem. I had named it “Pari” – a style of writing Poetry where all ending words rhyme one another. This is a unique style which is being recognized by many critics through some sites. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style

V. Paul Hall 3 months ago
The Pari seems to be working well.  Some words I don't understand well because the English language differs in different regions of the world.
Sanket Jain 28 days ago
Good to see.
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