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the Circle

I’ve had my heart
Broken time and time again
It seems every time I love
I take it on the chin
It’s going to be hard
To put another love in my heart
After so many times
It has been torn apart
Just as I make it towards heaven
Soaring high, everything is going well
My wings get plucked from me
And I crash towards hell
Every time I make it to places
Most men never seen
I am abruptly awakened
From my beautiful dream
I’m traveling on through
This never ending circle
I’m stuck in this sphere
Going through the pain cycle
Every time I begin to heal
I subject myself to more
Stranded in an ocean of turmoil
Never making it to shore
I thought that I broke the circle
And found a way through
But I went around again
One more time with you
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the Circle, by Scott Trudell 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ARUN MAZUMDER 11 months ago
well done
meena Sharma 11 months ago
Akash Sharma 11 months ago
April Lott 11 months ago
Well said
Fluffy Bunny xx 11 months ago
love is painful & the deeper we go the more wounds are exposed..but the choice to live a life filled with the reality of love is ultimately your own..just be happy in life :)
Sonja Carnes 11 months ago
Good message. Imagery is quite good!
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