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"Few inches or miles away"

standing few inches away she asked
can I hug you for last
everything was still for a moment....
yet bouncing heart was shouting like hell
though frozen lips couldn't utter so well
holding all his emotions behind he took a tough call
and pretended this is not the right time at all
hearing it, she walked out
with great dolefulness he shout
but it was eleventh-hour
and she already disappeared....
however he couldn't let her tuck
so he ran down like a bullet just for a peek
the moment he reached there she was lost
bending on his knees he thought
"was she few inches away or miles apart"....

Akash batwaL

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"Few inches or miles away", by akash batwal 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
akash batwal 10 days ago
in love with this
new fvrt !!!
akash batwal 9 days ago
Anamika Vyas Batwal 9 days ago
Sonja Carnes 10 days ago
Well done,Akash!! Nice poem!
akash batwal 10 days ago

ARUN MAZUMDER 10 days ago
akash batwal 10 days ago
Akash Sharma 10 days ago
akash batwal 10 days ago
Larry Stallings 10 days ago
akash batwal 10 days ago
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