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A love like ours

I think about her all the time
I may be wrong but is that a crime?
Waiting for her it seems like hours
That is a love like ours

I have known her for what seems like ages
We have written our story on many pages
For it is a passion that always towers
That is a love like ours

When we are apart my heart yearns
If I had two they would take turns
I like to bring her fresh cut flowers
That is a love like ours

When we meet we always embrace
A loving kiss, her lovely face
I trust our desire will never sour
That is a love like ours
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A love like ours, by cignolago (swanlake) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sweet Honey Dove 7 days ago
funnily i was streaming
the movie billy elliott recently
and thought of you because it's
set in england n the finale involves
swanlake lol !! Now wouldn't that
make for an interesting poem... :)
cignolago (swanlake) 7 days ago
It would indeed :)
Subhashchandra Adhav 8 days ago
A well crafted poem with nice rhyming scheme .---A passionate poem however the passion is typically expressed in a captivating manner!
Fantastic read .! Excellent work here !----Keep it up Swan !
cignolago (swanlake) 8 days ago
Thank you 
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
I almost missed you, I'm glad I didn't!!! I hope Your Lady Love sees this ! This is entirely Beautiful!
Awesome write! Tastefully passionate,and awesomely, intriguing! Thank You, Cignolago (Swanlake)
I love this. Best wishes, Sonja!
cignolago (swanlake) 8 days ago
I have been travelling home thank you 
Fran McClelland 8 days ago
Excellent rhyme brings out the love and romance you profess, cignolago. It's a very well expressed
piece ! By the way,  if you like Barbra Streisand, she did an album for her husband called A LOVE LIKE OURS in the 1990's...like your poem, it's a real delight ! 
cignolago (swanlake) 8 days ago
Thank you, I am a bit of a romantic ! 
I have a poem called "The Way We Were " - spooky 

Maybe it is subliminal :)
cignolago (swanlake) 8 days ago
A love like ours ...
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