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With a favourite dish in hand
Be it a burger,pizza,lasagne and the like
We exclaim "oh,how heavenly"

With a picturesque sight in front
Be it the setting Sun or the moonlit sky
By the sea side or hills
Comes out "breath taking oh!how heavenly"

With a cup of coffee by the fireside
Rocking in the chair , reading a good book
You feel its heavenly

Go for a good movie
Having popcorns n chips and coke
You feel heavenly

None has seen the heaven
But can feel so
This way at least we remember. Him

Come some problems
The exclaim soon turns to
Its hellish

Day in and day out
The same rut
Going to work,looking after family
Is boring and hellish

Looks for escapes
May find temporary
Like wining and dining
But not a lasting effect

Do what you most like
Eat good food or go on vacation
go skiing,go river rafting etc

Life is like that highs and lows

Moments are mixed
Some favourable the other unfavourable
Find what like most repeat that
Life is worth living

You will have mixed experiences
That's what life is about.

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heavenly , by amber talwar 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
amber talwar More than 1 year ago

Its a mixed bag of happiness and sorrow

its how we spend it makes it heavenly or hellish!

Sonja Carnes More than 1 year ago
"Moments are mixed
Some favourable.              Amber,this is so relateable,yes so true! Awesome, work!
Some unfavorable".           I just am so Hungary now! You have me going in so many directions
                                             Thought provoking,and food for thought,thank you! This is really
Joe O'Leary More than 1 year ago
Reading this made me ponder life and how it is heavenly and hellish in far too quick rotations. You did a great job of repeating those phrases to prove this point of how life is a mixed bag. The only thing preventing the 5th star is that the payoff lines don't quite tie into the repetitious buildup of heavenly and hellish.
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