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The will, to love!

When, I look, at you, I see, freedom! You releasing, the bad, in me! I agree, sometimes, your right! I've learned, not, to fight, the ways, of love! Above, all else, you bring, life! Inspite, of, our diffrentces, a coherence, exists, bettween us! I must, have you! I'm through, with chasing, a dream, that, I have! I'm glad, I met, you, loving, and loyal! I look, forward, to the time, we spend!
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The will, to love!, by Devon Bates 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
amber talwar 3 months ago

She's loving and loyal he looks forward to more time

with her

ARUN MAZUMDER 3 months ago
well done
Azizul Maqsud 3 months ago
Apollonia Don Ciccio 3 months ago
Sonja Carnes 3 months ago
Very good poem! I enjoyed reading your work! Excellent!
Bowen Waters 3 months ago
Devon Bates 3 months ago
To the one that i love to wake up to
Byron London 3 months ago
Pretty good.
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