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You were, very dear, to me! You gave, me guidance, when I, couldn't see! When I, was hungry, you feed, me, and, clothed me! You were, faithful, to God, so, long life, just, approached thee! If it, wasn't, for you, I, would have, had, no love! Through, you, God, shined, on me, his glorious, love! I made, a start, and, you paved, the way! You even, gave my child! Toys, to play! The only, thing, that keeps, me, from hurting, is, the thought, of you, at peace, in God's, loving story! Heaven, is yours! You were, faithful, unto, the end! To glorify, God, you turned, from your, sins! We all, could learn, so much, from you! Loving money, is evil, this much, you knew!
By©Devon Bates2017
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It started, with a dream! Love embraced, a tree! Roots, shouted in joy! The spirit, of life, spoke, to a man! It command, him, to grow, a nation! Built, on freedom! "Bring, my people, together, in peace!" Teach them, to love, each other, truly deep! They, shall have, refuge, in this land! I, shall rule, them through, a man! Prayer, went up, strait, to God! He loved, man, once again! He gave, them, even their, neighbors, as friends! He saw, in their hearts, a spirit, of belief! He blessed, their lands! Their crops, grew roots, truly deep! The animals, were multiplied! God, became glorified! His name, spread throughout, even the world! Negatives, became positives! Truth, ruled, the land! The presence, of God, lived, with man! Heaven, rejoiced! The indians, speak, our voice!
By©Devon Bates2017
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