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About Me and My Poetry

I am from Asia who likes to write poems of different themes or topics relevant to everyday life.

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Where is the path
The path I trodden to make a pact
A pact of love molded to attract
An attraction solely to interact
So as to construct love based on facts

Where is the light
The light that is so bright
Bright that keeps my love glow at night
Nights where loneliness is out of sight
Because I know my love will be alright

Where is the sun
The sun that gives rays of hope to anyone
Hope that toughen me as a man
Tough enough to win the love of a woman
Which I believe is warm as the sun

Where is the girl
The girl that I promised to love more than ever
Always expecting that she’s all attagirl
But heck! I never even have the chance to hold her
Because she’s with another and gone forever
BY: Darren de Leon®

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It sounds crazy
But I’m not silly
Neither I’m full of ambiguity
Only that I am expressing honesty
Honesty that was spurned discriminately

I thought it was easy
When my heart fell in love with a lady
The feeling was mutual and lively
Thinking that all will be fair and okay
And get her nod eventually

Woe to me, it wasn’t the case as it seemed to be
It was not long before I was told to stay away
The words struck my senses momentarily
Like a bomb it shuttered all things in alacrity
Wounded I am still healing until today

Yes indeed, I was left lonely
And the process is quite a bit tricky
Moving on is the hardest part really
I don’t know when it would be actually
But I know for sure I will overcome this misery
BY: Darren de Leon®

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I feel indignant
About issues that are not redundant
But about terror that is repugnant
Wreaking havoc and death far more constant
To instill fear and submission to people who are defiant

Evil religious creed is terror’s concomitant
Followers are trained to be indignant
Their false prophet’s teachings makes them poignant
They exercise hate so dominant
That makes their minds so evil and flagrant

Death to infidels is a potion to be exultant
To inflict sufferings serves as flagellant
To destroy is part of being intolerant
To be extremely violent or cruel is important
Dominance is what makes terror exuberant

Only a few raise voice over the terrors’ rant
One might be accused of racism by the sycophants
Political correctness add the grunt
Making terror more tyrant and relevant
Putting the silent majority in danger and insignificant
BY: Darren de Leon®

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It’s getting deviant and bold
Be aware and be told
The scary “new normal” is broad
It threatens society’s stronghold
Of moral and the natural manifold

The weird wild world
Started small and now the centerfold
Engineering is the core and the foothold
Created in such a way that totally is not good
But endorsed by overlords of this damned world

Social engineering now contaminates the world
Genetic engineering started to unfold
Geo engineering was the first to defile the world
This wickedness is out to erase the norms of old
It was like as if the world is in a blindfold

BY: Darren de Leon®

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My time is running out
I don’t know what would be my last act.
Already past the halfway point mark,
... continued
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The world as I see it
Has changed a lot since I came to exist
I couldn’t help but witness the continuing shift
Traditional cultures and morality are being rift
A grim reality I can’t grip

Weird new norms are being forced to accept
People are scorned if they express to contradict
Depending on the issue or topic
And accused of being phobic
Fooling the submissive public

I understand that I am in conflict
With the weird new norms I hate to speak
Where this generation is adapting to it
Especially the young or millennials who loves to frolic
In this complex world gone ballistic

Hate me not for being pessimistic
The changing world would be drastic
It will spread like epidemic
A situation the world will never expect
Because the effect is colossal and tragic

BY: Darren de Leon®

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China threatens war
Delivered in vernacular
Asked the Philippines not to raise the bar
Avoid UNCLOS and its particulars
Otherwise china will go for the jugular

China’s stern warning is not peculiar
The rhetoric sounds familiar
Adept in using psywar
Speak in stinging tongue like a scimitar
Lash out bold and vulgar

China’s action is unpopular
The threat is near similar
To the 1940’s that caused miserable war
The reason of it all is territorial
And domination against the other

China has gone too far
International laws are theirs to mar
They follow no rules because rouge they are
The world don’t pay much attention but stare
The huge economic benefit of china is what they care

BY: Darren de Leon®

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The dragon’s long slumber
Made by the ideology of hammer and sickle
Awakened by the capitalist riddle
Became part of the caboodle
Started to breathe its first roar

Overtime its health became nimble
Its size started to double
The food intake is incredible
Can consume foods laid in an acre wide table
Ravenous, it consider all as edible

The beast roamed in a manner insatiable
Strayed away from its place so ample
Marked territories and claimed the resources alone
Threatened others if they express inhospitable
The beastly thing has become abominable

The untamed dragon is always looking for trouble
Its fiery mouth is intimidating as it flex its muscle
No one dare to challenge as if it is impossible
All seems vulnerable
The beast sees things as its domain to gobble

BY: Darren de Leon®

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Take me to your heart in trouble
In there I will build you a castle
Make it stable
Not easy to crumble
Nor it will stumble
But formidable

Inside of it is my love so humble
That is so true and dependable
Not indifferent but responsible
Nil of sadness but cupid’s amour bustle
Every message of love written in epistle

The castle will be impenetrable
Any wannabe will be in big trouble
They will face me in battle
Protecting my ladylove is just as subtle
Assuring her that she will never fall

With my spear and armor I will wrestle
Fight every man who will get her out of my castle
Like a knight I will be in full throttle
Save my queen, my ladylove out of the pitfall
Stand beside her as a courageous man who’ve done it all

BY: Darren de Leon®

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Imagine love
It makes a person inspired
Happy feelings all the time
It really is a cloud nine
Problems are washed in the brine

Imagine love
Sweet is a couple full of groove
Holds each other as they get involve
Misunderstandings are far remove
A relationship they approve

Imagine love
Makes a man crazy about his ladylove
Will take the moon and stars in the sky above
As if to show that she’s the one and only truelove
No lies and pretentions but perfect love

BY: Darren de Leon®

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