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How I wish we could go back
It was just you, and I
Lost in each others eyes
... continued
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Walk in my shoes for just a mile
If you think that you could make it
My shoe doesn't seem to be your style, but I think that it would still fit
Slip it on
Lace it up
Take a step
Please, tell me how it feels to be me
Is it weak
Is it tough
Is it breezy
Please, tell me how you thought it would be
You walk your miles
Looking around
At everyone else's shoes
You're so quick to judge
When you should look down, and
focus more on your path, and you
The path I lead isn't easy you see
I take it for the shoes walking behind me
The harder I walk, and clear the way
Each step that they take can be easy
So please be humble, and try to be kind
Don't be so quick to judge others paths in life
Focus on you, your own rhythm, and rhyme
... continued
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The bridge I've feared
To cross is here
It's before my very eyes
I gaze across
Of what's on the other side
Nervous, and frantic
I begin to panic
As I'm taking my first step
So far, so good
On I go
Across the bridge I crept
Take a deep breath
Hold it in
As I reach the other side
This isn't so bad
I'm proud of myself
There is no reason to hide
So many things
On this side to see
Things I've never seen before
This place must keep
My wildest dreams
I'm ready and willing
To explore

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The summer will end
Cold air moves in as leaves cover the ground
Will you still be around

No more late nights, and fireflies
Your silhouette dancing by the fireside
It's all over now
Yeah it's all over now
Will you still be around

Remembering everything you said to me
As I sit, and wonder what this winter's gonna bring
The snow covers the ground
I wish that you were around

It's been so long since I have seen your face
So long that I can't keep track of all the days
I'm feeling lost now
Yeah I'm feeling lost now
I wish that you were around

The summer air is creeping in day by day
The fireflies, and fireside won't be the same
As I search through the crowd
I hope that you came around

I hear a voice call my name from across the way
Turn around, and there you are, your smiling face
We'll be together for now
I'm glad that you came around
I hope that you stay around

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Is anyone listening to me
Can anyone hear me at all
Has anyone ever really seen me
Have I been missing all along
Who am I anymore
I haven't the slightest clue
Blindly walking through the dark
Unsure of what to do
The pain was so intense
It's beginning to subside
I barely feel it anymore
Almost numb inside
In the distance there's a light
A voice is calling out to me
It's saying everything's alright
I'm home where I need to be
Please help me find my way
I'm unsure of where I've been
The voice replies fear not my child
You are safe now
This is Heaven

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The rain is so relaxing
Watching it fall through the sky tonight
The way it shines like diamonds
... continued
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We are all together in this World
Made of flesh, blood, and bone
We weren't meant to be divided
... continued
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You can't just walk away, day after day,
and expect everything to change
It's up to you to make a move for your life to rearrange
... continued
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To hear your voice again
It brings me no fear
It's comforting to know that you're ok, and still here
Although it's not the same, and could never be again
I can see you when I'm sleeping
Every now and then
I miss so much about you, and every night I pray
For you to come, and visit
If you're not too far away
My eyes are getting heavy, and I hope to be dreaming soon
Heaven knows I miss, my angel
I'll be right here
Waiting for you

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If I told you I loved you
Would you know
Would you just hear the words I spoke
Or would you feel them in your bones
Would you believe me if I said
I want to run away together
Would you leave me here instead
Or would you stay with me forever
I know it's not the words I speak, but the actions that are proof
If you take my hand, and walk with me
I'll show you it's the truth
It's ok to be afraid
I know that I'm afraid too
Understand I've never felt this way about anyone, but you
I'll climb your wall, I'll tear it down
Whatever I have to do
I'll steal your heart, and prove to you, my love for you is true

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