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On a wonderous day!!

On a wonderous day, I'll be one like you.(a)
When we will have a good time togather,(b)
Studying togather ,learning something new.(a)

We will be sitting in the same class ,enter through same door,(c)
Score in test very well,with some school stuff to do.(d)
You'll be sitting on bench,as well as me,not on deserved floor!(c)

We will have books,with essence of hard work and dedication,(e)
With heavy bags to carry on too many stairs!!!!(f)
We will have teachers with loads of motivation(e)

We will be having our last day in school remembering ages and ages............(g)
Just give me a ampule of time my frnd......(h)
I will collect fees for my education from my daily wages!!!!!
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On a wonderous day!! , by Renuka Ayola 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 5 months ago
Beautifully written
Renuka Ayola 5 months ago
Thank you sir.......
_ nayanika
Renuka Ayola 5 months ago
My grand daughter from class 10 the has just completed her school days and have started pen downing her thoughts into poems this is one of them..... It's regarding an inspiring child who wishes to go to school but is stuck in his daily works...or jobs from he gets paid....
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