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About Me and My Poetry

I am a practising doctor(bsc;mbbs;fica), well known poet in Malayalam literature;(10 collections published-500 poems);write in periodicals since 46 years.First poem in periodicals:in Mathrubhumi Weekly 1966. Also write English Poetry.One book THE WAVES OF THE GANGA coming shortly. Indian.drbalakrishnankg@gmail.com.My blog- agnigeetham.blogspot.com.Also speaker.My poems are muses.Please comment. Now THE TOP POET OF POETRY. COM. As on23-3-2012phone.04802875240.First poem published in school magazine at the age of twelve(1956) My Poetry ========= I am basically a scientist.Poetry is inherent in me.I know Sanskrit &Hindi too. I have gone through the Vedas, the Upanishads, Geetha&all other great works in Sanskrit, Hindi& of course English.That is why my works are esoteric in nature to a certain extent.But to those who get it they get the nectar.There are other types of poems also.I have written about 1000 poems in my mother tongue,Malayalam & about 500 poems in English.My father was a great English scholar. He taught me English & Sanskrit when I was a boy. TOPMOST FEATURED POET(ALL TIME)As on 30-4-2012.TOPMOST FEATURED CRITIC(ALL TIME)OF Poetry.com.As on 30-4-2012.TOPMOST MOST ACTIVE MEMBER of Poetry.com.As on 30-4-2012.My collection of poems "THE WAVES OF THE GANGA" is published.Well accepted.Has won the PIN POET AWARD of Poetry.com. Also won the SARGASWARAM POETRY AWARD (Thrissur, Keralam, India)- 2011)for my work(Poems)- AGNIGEETHAM- THE HYMN OF THE MYSTIC FIRE (Two volumes)- 213 poems- 191+ 192 pages, Rupees 180+180- Lakshmi Books,INDIA 680702.TOPMOST FEATURED POET(ALL TIME & as on 24-8-2012), TOPMOST CRITIC(ALL TIME) of Poetry.com.More later. I-11-2012:- My next book-"THE HUES OF THE HIMALAYAS"(151 poems)is being published shortly by LAKSHMI BOOKS,INDIA-680702.phone- 91480-2875240. e-mail drbalakrishnankg@gmail.com www.lulu.com has published 2 collections of my poem(June,2013 online-e-book)1. The waves of the Ganga 2.The hues of the Himalaya.7/9/2013- My work "THE WAVES OF THE GANGA" has been listed on Amazon Books.com.& now made available in 10 countries both eBook & print.Also my 3ed book "MY MUSES" has been PUBLISHED by www.lulu.com(poems).All works are google enabled.7th Sept.2013.TOPMOST POET ALL TIME SINCE 30/4/2012 AND TILL DATE CONTINUING UNINTERRUPTED AS ON 8/SEPT/2013.Now(22-10-2013)4 books of mine(eBook&print book)on Amazon.Books are 1.The Waves of the Ganga 2.The Hues of the Himalaya 3. My Muses 4.The Australian Plant and Other Poems. All these poems are listed,published,reviewed&archived on www.poetry.com.(22-10-2013)Topmost poet poetry.com(all time)as on 31-12-2013.Topmost poet(all time) as on 4-1-2014.Topmost poet poetry.com (All Time) as on 26-1-2014) All the above books(amazon)were released in Australia at Darwin city Library on 22-4-2014 during my visit to Australia.I am maintaining my position "Top Most Poet(all time)"with 365120 points as on 27-4-2014.I am very much grateful to www.poetry.com team for these achievements. My next Amazon Work is coming!My new book "NASCENT POETRY"(Amazon)is out!Available globally.Print&e-version.(July,2014(. Now it is read&appreciated by the whole world.Pl.Google "drkgbalakrishnan kandangath".4-10-2014. My new English Poem collection "NASCENT POETRY" has been published on AMAZON BOOKS on 13-7-2014. Now the book is available Globally.

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Bharatheeyakavitha The Night - Poem by dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath
Wednesday,13 January 2016

... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha Vol.2. poem 138
dr.k.g.balakrishnan 20-7-16
... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha vol.2 137 16-6-2016
My Happy Birthday
... continued
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Posted by dr.kgbalakrishnan kandangath at 02:24 No comments:
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... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha Vol.2 poems 101 - 200/ poem 136
The Impulse / dr.k.g.balakrishnan Amazon Author
... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha/Vol.2. poem 135 5-5-16
... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha Vol.2 / 134
The Mission 2
... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha Vol.2/133
The Mission
Amazon Author Dr.K.G.Balakrishnan
... continued
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Bharatheeyakavitha Vol.2/133
My Mission
Amazon Author Dr.K.G.Balakrishnan
Am the Citizen Universal;
Am the part and parcel;
Of the Mind Universal!

I borrowed this rupam;
From this material world;
The Smashti;
Wearing the virtual shadow;
The instrument to perform
The Karma; this Moment;
The Present the Drop!

I have to return to the Spirit;
The Eternal;
The Nirguna,Nrakara;
The Aparimeya!

I have to spell;
I have to be the Will;
I have to sing;
I have to ring;
Also have to sound;
The Panchajanya!

Am the Incarnation;
Am the Mission!
Also the everything and
The everyone is!

The Is; the Present;
The Living;
Nonliving the Past!

The Future; the Spirit;
The Metaphysical;
The Fate;
The unpredictable;
The unimaginable;
The Clock!

Sure to incarnate this Moment;
From nowhere; from Nought;
Sure to return to the Perpetual;
The celestial Nil; the Null!

Incarnate the breeze, the movement;
The Flow of the Moment;
The Time; the Maya!
The conjuring shadow; the Chaya!

The Mission;
I am!
Bharatheeyakavitha Vol.2./ 133
Indian Poet dr.k.g.balakrishnan Amazon Author/

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Bharatheeyakavitha 132
Am I just longed Now!
... continued
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