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I have no proof for this event
fair to say it might never have been .
... continued
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The poem's written from the eyes of one of those indivisuals  .... whom the society refuses to see.

Born in the brothels of Whitechapel ... 
... continued
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Her eyes tell me that she can make it 
The doctor's tone tends to disagree 
I stand silent, a few feet away 
 the wedding ring, luster-less on my finger 

Those X-rays .. their images utterly bleak
confirming the worst ..of that which we may not speak 

She's nothing but bones & a bald head  
Her beauty radiating underneath 
A pause as she smiles,  gently whispering my name
'I have made peace, my love ... please do the same' 

My eyes only on her, my lovely lady on the bed 
My heart sinking in despair .. those final words she said 
I fight furiously with her ...for me & our kids 
She smiles & nods .. tears streaming down her face  

My words seem desperate, so do any promise that I make 
The selling of all my property .. or extra shifts I intend to take. 

I spend that night with you 
the darkest hours of my life  
The morning brings in a conclusion  
the machines eerily silent on my wife 

It's been 16 years past that fateful night 
Our beautiful daughter's about to be with her man 
her walk with me to the aisle so graceful ... her face so much like yours 
She misses you very much, I know ... I tried as hard as I could 

and then she pauses ... looks me in the eye. 
I swear I see you .. her voice , yours .. without doubt 
She embraces me warmly , her words soothen my soul 
' Thank you for everything, daddy ... Mom would be so proud !!!' 
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The early morning sun ... 
witness to an odd adventure or two ... 
bore a silent witness .. 
... to a weird little drama about to brew ... 

She is the attraction of the market 
an ethereal beauty for all to see... 
her predatory eyes scanning for a prey .... 
and that gaze fell upon me ..... 

My cycle stood listless .. 
the tyres deflated beneath my ridiculous weight.. 
and all those moments flew by .. 
Oh !!! like politicos barging at hell's gate !! 

She wore a 'winning' smile, 
a cross between  a 'Joker' & 'Borat' ... 
Her routine still the same, 
the finesse of a gold necklace 24 carat !!!! 

Time reduced to a trickle & distance to a few feet ... 
she's definitely someone .. I suggest ur parents should meet .. 

Her head delicately balancing the warez, 
a baby listfully dangling by her arms 
she traps me wih her little puupy dog eyes ... 
and I fall headlong into her devious charms ! 

She narrates her goodamn fate .. 
of trials, tribulations, love & hate !! 
I am no sucker for emotions ... 
except on occasions such as these ... 

my hands reach for my pockets ... 
toying for a sympathy note of twenty .. 
Her eyes celebrating a victory, 
ahh!! the sweet smell of easy bounty !! ... 

No sign of a twenty in my pocket ... 
nor a measly penny or two ... 

I looked defeatedly at her, 
my pockets revealing a hole ... 
and I swear I could hear her say 
'Screw you !! You cheap a****** !!!  
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Had written this poem a long time ago ....
The lawn ..fresh after a sprinkle of rain 
The greenery , a marvellous sight to behold 
A few lazy bulls meandering about .. 
a bat. a ball. and friends abound ... 
Evening arrives and so does an intimate moment.. 
Our cow's about to deliver .. 
her pain equivalent yet not the same 
It comes out at first .. the black hooves very distinct.. 
'She's stuck !! twist , pull her out slowly !!'  
The greasy goo comes along .. its job almost done .. 
as i slowly twist the legs .. life starts kicking 
She comes out slowly .. a beautiful little beast .. 
Her mother writhing in agony .. spends her last heaving breathe.. 
I hold her for a moment...My favorite shirt utterly ruined 
My heart jubiliant .. the feeling absolutely moving... 
She instinctively tries to stand up ..succeding after  a few attempts.. 
and off she goes to nuzzle .. Her radar sense of the highest order ! 
Her mother beckons her .. in a language 'somehow' familiar.. 
A small lick on the ear .. a little nuzzle on that pink nose.. 
The calf & I .. bonded by a common tragedy @ birth .. 
caught unawares in this cycle of life ..... 
A connection made ... unpredicted, unnoticed & uncommon 
Its' been 18 years past that day ... 
my 6 year daughter in fascination at the spectacle ... 
Here lies my beautiful 'calf' about to deliver .... 
and it's her time to kick start the miracle !    
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I am hardly in my twenties ... 
too early .. perhaps to visit those pearly gates ... 
I confess ... I did a few bad things ... 
My sins catching up with my atrocious mistakes 

Booze , sex & Drugs ... 
Life seemed utterlly thrilling .. 
And here I lie on this bed ... 
My life .. hardly worth a shilling.. 

She sits by my side ... 
the true victim of my disease ... 
For I would be long gone by then .. 
her sorrows would hardly cease .. 

She cried the other night ... 
a sight I wouldn't recommend you to witness ... 
Her tears straight from the heart... 
her soul long lost its ability to suppress 

She tells others .. that I have cancer ... 
Not for her sake ... but purely for mine .. 
People's prejudices .. cutting her to the core.. 
She comforts me bravely .. her heart brought to the fore. 

My life gravely outnumbered .. 
I regret those heady days .. 
My sole comfort my mother 
I live purely for her gaze ... 

And then that fine morning ..my mother nowhere to be found .. 
The doctor presses my palms .. the message understood unsaid 
I am responsible for this .. I know.. 
My mother .. a victim of my mistakes 

I utter a painful eulogy 
my guilt cutting my soul to shreds 
There .. lies my dear mother peaceful 
Her son ... no longer alive . no longer dead
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Born in the brothels of Whitechapel ... 
You would easily mistake me for a swine .. 
I wouldn't blame you, good Sir, for that ... 
the credit would go to the dear mother of mine ... 

You jump into conclusions about my ancestry ... 
About the man that might have been my father ... 
Honestly I little cared for who he was .. 
the possibilities countless .. I painfully gather ... 

I could romanticise my mother's tragedy .. 
the barbaric girl-trading in this world .. 
But dis not the sob story of a common whore.. 
This is the tale of my dear mother . 

She never uttered about her dealings ... 
Painfully aware of an unbreachable wall.. 
Her money equally spent on my siblings ... 
all five of us 'bastards' to the core. 

She never knew how to read .. 
yet stayed with us through those unending nights .. 
And when we used to show her our reports ... 
d*mn !!! When delighted ..she was an awesome sight !! 

You would never call her an 'ideal' mother ... 
Her past clouding your views .. 
and yet she was always with us .. 
inconspicious as the morning dew .. 

She stood behind in all our victories .. 
never coming to the fore .. 
She feared about our 'bright' futures.. 
so far untarnished by her chore .. 

and then that day came ... I introduced her to my lady .. 
anxiousness all over her face ... she came shyly to the fore .. 
Unconcerned by her past, my lady gave her a smile ... 
and then my mother smiled .. the happiest .. never before 

It's been 8 years since that day ... 
my  beautiful daughter by my side 
a few roses adorn that grave .. 
As fragrant as the lady that died .
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Smoke fills the air...
  ... remnants of an addicted nature ...
  An empty bottle by my side ...
... continued
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... continued
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 Inspired by 'Invictus' . Any praise for the poem ought to be credited W.E.Henry .. while all criticism be mine own.
... continued
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