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About Me and My Poetry

"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility" William Wordsworth

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About My Poem

Handled by the wrong hands 
Death and screams followed 
Blood spilled upon commands 
Hidden, and feeling hollowed 
Not wanting to reveal myself  
Again, not again! i swallow 
One, this time pointed to self 
A cry, a laugh, an urge to wallow 
A click, a miss, sweat dripping 
No more, I begged, no one hears 
Someone, take me I'm slipping  
On the floor, he's rolling in tears... 
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Handled by the wrong hands
Death and screams followed
Blood spilled upon commands
... continued
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You have one life to live, SO i was told 
And evidently you only live it once;
So why not make the most out of it!
... continued
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Do you remember 
The good laughs we had 
Do you remember 
The times we were sad. 
You must remember 
Cause I know you 
You always said never 
will I forget you!! 
I still remember 
The one thing you said, 
Before we parted ways: 
"Don't you ever regret" 
THAT I learned to do 
Thanks to you my friend 
I will always love you 
Forever, and till the end. 
I miss you. 
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I'm torn between decisions
Got a future but no vision
Livin' life to its fullest
... continued
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The October moon's
Shining rays on golden dune
Mesmerizing site
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With spray cans
Upon blank walls
A statement Made
In letters tall

It's mostly names
Of those who came
In search of 
Fifteen minute fame

Some color in 
These streets of grey
To hide the filth 
For one more day

Should we chastise
The ones that take part 
Or recognise 
This crime as art

This art we call
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I blew a warm kiss into the air 
Wishing it will somehow find you  
I gave it time which is quite fair 
As the morning breeze glided 
Gently through the trees unaware 
Of the obstacles that will hinder     
A sensual delivery afloat in the air 
But I still hope and will not yield 
Find you it will, I will not despair 
For the  breeze is my trusted ally  
In this horrid long distance affair. 
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I dipped the feather in the reddish ink, unprepared  
Unexpected words rushed through my mind, scrambled  
Unable to think, baffled, couldn't write a single word  
I slipped into the realm of my forbidden fantasy  
Just to realize how empty my life is and absurd  
One more try and another, I've exerted my capacity  
Blank is all I see, red blotches from my dripping quill   
The spotted paper crumbled beneath my numb fingers  
Frustration took over my conscience, I've lost the thrill  
Unable to think, discouraged, my mind lingers  
Emotions flow, paralysis reigned over my body   
A scream echoed around me awakened me silly  
The scribbling began, I have laid out my emotions  
Finally, my heart has spoken and now it can retire  
The paper filled with words describing my notions  
My poem is complete, only to disappear in the fire.    
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Emptiness reigns heavily in the shadows 
Of a night clustered with fear and sorrows 
Wind blows savagely; dim lights oppress 
A soul lost in the shadows of the night  
Floating endlessly in search for the light 
Gone with the wind, creating this distress 
Agonizing calm, an overwhelming void 
The spirit, torn inside, follows the shadows 
Hopes and a prayer suddenly follows 
An out of body experience, a soul destroyed 
Hearing cries, witnessing anguish and stress 
Left the spirit desperate, sorry and helpless 
A plea for resurrection, a desire to replace 
This harsh, mournful and nostalgic phase 
Only nothing annuls such a fate in place. 
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