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About Me and My Poetry

first of all i have to thank WWW.poem.com & all it's stuff to encourage me to write & write again .. especially after publishing my 1st poem in 2003 falling down .. it's was a big & great surprise .. i'd never dreamed about .. i was thinking i will write for all my years .. but no one will give me all this care ..but after publishing 5 poems & then entering the poetry.com contest on 2003 & reaching the semi final level .. i was astonished when receiving a letter from poetry.com announcing that i could reach the final level .. may be i didn't reach until now but it's enough to publish my poem in this honored & famous poet site & my poem being reviewed by a talented poet sure it's not believing but it's real .. poetry.com as an honored & great site let the dream a true thank you so much .. for encouraging me .. hope i deserve this honor to be legendary poet .. & looking for more .. Thanking GOD to give me this immense grace " writing " sure it's helping me to carry on in my life with enthusiasm & being more optimistic in my life ..

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• My birth date is 12th of March 69..& in my birthday the 48th..
• I have to answer this important question, before passing the 50th's gate..
• Do I think it's not enough all these years.. Without an update?
... continued
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• MUM.. You're The ONLY ONE.. Who know me well.. The ONLY ONE..
• The Only One.. Who feel what I really feel deepest inside me but others feel none..
• The Only One.. Who befriend me in hardest times and never left me like everyone..
... continued
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• Please don't ever forget that "SORRY" is not an option..
• It's a simple way to tell the other that my deed is wrong..
• Whichever is small or big, the importance is my confession..
• And to overcome my sense of guilt this is my only salvation..
• "Sorry" never means I am weak but it proves I am so strong..
• I am so clear, honest & being enough fair is my full obsession..
• "Sorry" whatever is my fault, is always the anger absorption..
• And to become just right I must say it, to with you get along..
• No matter say it by tongue or by eyes, it's myself expression..
• But I have to express my full regret, truly by my sensation..
• To assure you I feel it deepest inside me like a so sad song..
• The better promise not repeat it & left bad impression..

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• • Excuse me my dear one's, but it seems that you'd & will never know how to be a part of a relation & how to behave..
• Whatever is; blood relation, friendship relation…etc, needs from you to understand, to feel & first of all to respect..
• Not to be selfish & capturing your partner in a locked dark cave..
... continued
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• Do I have to take another way? Can I chose by myself my train?
• Yes, I must stop running like everyday& try to take a break..
• After a too long way, walking alone under my lover's sway..
• & Giving myself time to breath to go on in my life's way again..
• Using the right compass to know the way to go & what to make..
• &thinking that may tomorrow will come with a new hope's ray..
• To take me far away & relief me from this unbearable pain..
• I confess, I can't even on the name of love endure my heart ache..
• After being sure today, that my lovers take me as their play..
• Oppressing me to feel lost & accusing me all the way, am insane..
• Under their stress, they put me to stay in a world full of fake..
• &Trying to prove they are innocent even they always betray..
• But though this mess they made, I'll never give away my faith one day..
• GOD who can only not let me stray & guide me to the right way to not lose my brain..
• Bless me, forgive me when I pray & ask to help me night and day to correct my mistake..

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• Did you ever ask yourself what I feel, what I really need..
• Am sure you'd never & will never once ask... why? Can you guess?
• Simply because If you do, so you'll have to think about me..
... continued
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Before I'll die
• Before I'll die, I hope to meet or even call everyone I really love..
• I trust, I belong to & I am sure that on me they did never lie..
... continued
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• All my life I always care about all kinds of true & fair relationship..
• But most of all, what makes me feel alive is friendship..
• Yes, I do care to get it & to keep it up for last my dear friend..
... continued
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• To my sweet lovely daughter...to the apple of my eye..
• To the beautiful flower who water my life & let me fly..
... continued
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MUM, today is your Sweetheart &my Shining Star Graduation day
• I know that today is a very special day, yes it's a full happiness for you & me..
... continued
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