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The Terrible Tale of the Shadow Who Once Lived as a Man
by Adam Phillips
Running farther away, never stopping, as the pale gray pavement clears under the waking steps of my two bare feet. The harsh tones of my slaps echoing in my head as another year passes below and the world begins to blur as I start to succumb to what I really am. Is there nothing through which I seek escape? Can nothing come to make me feel awake? As I ponder the dreamy sense of lucidity, my brain feels disconnected and I walk out of my whole self, just far enough from the visage of what I pretend to be that it seems like I truly am what I want to be and I have it all under control. Wherever I walk, he follows. Two-in-one. One-in-two. I can’t even tell the difference anymore because all they are is devoid. The shallow lights that pierce the darkness are all just bumps that disrupt the usual and all I am is a distant memory, that one fringe story you’ll tell your children about the kid you used to know and how he never really seemed like your favorite, but he was there a lot and you can’t remember why.
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by yagalreflects
I don't want to hate myself, cut myself and bleed, but feeling hot red rushing through, fills me with such need. the need to slice in 'liar', 'fraud', blade plunged to the hilt, anything to hurt myself, and rectify this guilt. They say it's ok to be sad, (for the first year or so), but when it is your default state, their strain begins to show. I'm sorry mom, i am this way, i'm sorry i'm no good, at loving this here child of yours, don't think i ever could. So if i am to die some day, by this, your daughter's hand, know i loved you very much, it's me that i can't stand.
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